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Lip smacking desserts to try in Cuba

All thanks to Spanish and African influences, one can get a lot of seafood in the island of Cuba. In fact, the Cuban cuisines are rich in spice and flavour.

But after trying a spicy delicacy, one would definitely want to try something which is sweet. And there is nothing better than local desserts to satisfy those taste buds. One can check the Morenos Cuban bakery and find out what is on their menu and try on some traditional ones.

Sugar cane is said to be the biggest crop in Cuba and hence locals love their sweet treats. From creamy flans to pastries and rum soaked cakes; everything is available there. If one is feeling confused on what should be their peak; these are the few options that one must try:

‘Plátanos maduros’

In Cuba, plantains are very common as a fruit. They look like a banana and they are highly nutritious. They can be sliced, fried and then eaten with beans, rice or other meals as a side dish. With them, one can make both sweet and savoury dishes. This one means sweet fried plantains which are not only sweet but absolutely delicious. They can be baked as a sweet casserole like dessert with pecan nuts, sugar and raisins.

Flan Cubano

It is a very popular dessert all across Latin America and in Cuba. It is a very special dessert served on the table. Flan is a kind of baked custard which is made from very simple ingredients and they can be magically transformed into a delicate dessert. It is served with thin syrup on the top. One can get them in many flavours like chocolates, cinnamon, citrus or coconuts.

It is a very popular and traditional Cuban dessert. This is flat custard which has a smooth and creamy texture but it is not overly sweet. Also, this is a very versatile Cuban recipe. The flavours offered here are limitless and the most popular options that are served are chocolate, guava and coconut. In most cases, the flans that are served in restaurants or bakeries are topped with citrus fruits, almonds and chocolate flakes. Flans are made from eggs, sugar, egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk along with vanilla extracts.


 ‘Pastelitos de guyaba’

This is a Cuban pastry which is very commonly eaten during breakfast and taste wise they are irresistible. It looks like little puffs of flaky pastry and they are filled with fresh guava paste. One can also have some other fruit fillings but they are mostly available in guava flavour. One can also add an addition of cream cheese for the depth of flavour.


Natilla is set vanilla custard which is mostly enjoyed by Cuban children. It is filled with vanilla and cinnamon and one can also top it up with little meringues. It is a popular sweet treat which has a chewy and crunchy texture yet a creamy dessert.

 ‘Dulce de leche cortada’

This one is a traditional dessert which is made from curdled milk and it has a sweet caramel taste. This one is a slow cooked dessert but it is absolutely enjoyable.

‘Cake de ron’

This delicious cake celebrates the flavour of the Cuban rum. It is baked in a bundt tin and they look like a moist sponge cake. A syrup of banana liquor is also used along with rum to make it both flavourful and boozy.

One can check the Moreno’s restaurant and get an idea of all the popular and traditional desserts available there so that they can give it a try and enjoy.


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