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List of ways to make your New Year’s night enjoyable

We all have been in the place where it gets impossible to decide plans for New Year’s Eve. With 2020 just a few weeks away, most of us are again unable to decide whether to throw a cool party or stick with your loved ones. Hence, it gets complicated just even thinking about it.

You can throw a party at home with all your friends, take pictures and have drinks until the clock strikes twelve. After that, you can welcome the new year with a champagne toast and devour a delicious New Year’s meal. Moreover, you can also plan an outdoor activity to enjoy the fireworks and ambiance. You also have the option to buy Sydney new year’s eve 2019 tickets for your family and loved ones to enjoy spectacular views from the Royal Botanic Garden.

 We have compiled a list of things you can do on your New Year’s Eve to make it more special and enjoyable.

  1. Throw a friends-only party

The final moments of New Year’s Eve are always very exciting among friends and with the right planning, it becomes memorable. Try dressing up formally for the party and arrange drinks and snacks for the friends. A touch of music also enhances the atmosphere. Additionally, you can also decorate the place with bright colored party lights but don’t forget to take the pictures.

  • Add Mixologists Contest

Talking about the unforgettable moments of the year is all good until the party changers arrive. You can arrange a mixologist competition among friends, to try their best recipe for the drinks. You can ask your friends to bring their ingredients with them to increase the challenge and make the game enjoyable. By drinking each others’ drinks, friends can rank them on a scale of one to five.

  • Go on a Trip

Going on a trip is another way to enjoy your new year’s night. Call out some friends or family members, choose a place and arrange a B.BQ with some sweet songs. You can also make it a solo girlfriend or a couple of only trips to enjoy the fireworks in an open environment bonfire.

  • Stay Home with Your Family

You can also involve the whole family in playing different types of quizzes and games along with yummy drinks and snacks. You can either do New Year’s resolution or write down memories and put them in a memory jar for others to read them.

When it comes to making New Year’s Eve enjoyable, how can we forget about gifts and sweets? Hidding confetti in gifts or sweets has always been a fun way to prank the cousins. Meanwhile, the occasion of new year’s eve increases the joy and it is loved by everyone.

  • Play New Year’s Eve themed Games

To make the new year’s eve special, you can play different New Year’s Eve themed games. For example, the resolution guessing game. You can ask your friends to write New Year’s resolutions on paper and then fold to put them in a hat. Then this hat can be passed among friends. One of the friends will pick a paper and read out loud the written resolution. In the meantime, other friends will guess the resolution writer’s name and win by making more points.

  • Go Out on a Date Night

Spending time with your loved one on New Year’s Eve is very special. Without any hassle for plans, you should ask out your partner for dinner at their favorite restaurant or on a long drive.

  • Head out with Your Partner

Spending the night with your loved ones sounds great. But you can also take the whole weekend and just head out to someplace with your life partner. A weekend of the new year’s eve is always perfect for making out and talk stuff away from noise and kids.

  • Make a Memory Capsule

You might have heard about making a memory capsule. A time capsule is a collection of memorable items that people buried in the ground. It is now a common trend and most of the people follow this practice with their life partners. You can also continue this trend by making this time capsule with your wife and bury all memorable items.

  • Go for Ice Skating

The most favorite and enjoyable perk of New Year’s Eve is that it is cold and snowing in most parts of the world. By taking advantage of that, you can plan out a solo ice skating trip for fun.

  1. Find Shows in the City

You can also go out for a movie but to make the New Year’s evening special, find a live show in the city. There are always live performances hosted in the city and they are always worth it.

  1. Watch NYE-themed Movie

Those who don’t want to go outside and want to stay indoors with their partners. They can cuddle up in a cozy bed and watch different NYE-themed movies. Home Alone series, Boogie Nights or Harry Met Sally are the ideal choices for the night.

  1. Find Bar Crawl

If you and your partner love the bar crawl, then it would be exciting to plan it out. One thing that should be noted that finding a bar crawl requires a bit of research. After that ask your partner out, find a bar and you can easily make the most out of the new year’s eve.

  1. Plan Meditation

If you want to attain peace through mindfulness than you can plan on doing yoga sessions at home. A home meditation is a perfect choice to have a peaceful end of the year’s evening. Dim the lights and play some “Debussy  Clair de Lune” to give your mind soothing experience.

  1. Go to New Year’s Eve Ball

Still couldn’t decide what to do on New Year’s Eve? One thing you can do is to go out on a New Year’s Eve ball. Many cities host different formal parties for New Year’s Eve. Attending these balls also gives you the reason to wear a formal dress of your choice.


In the end, make a toast to life partners, friends, and family for being together and achieving things together. None of these are possible without having good friends, family or life partner on your side. Have a blast on New Year’s Eve, but behave responsibly too. Leaving friends drunk or broke can put them in a lot of danger on the road, so help them in times of need.

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