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Litter Picks to Aid in Rubbish Removal London

Rubbish has been the major challenge that Great Britain has over the years tried to tackle without any success. People still throw litter into the waters and along our beautiful streets. Our landfills are also almost full because people fill them with non-biodegradable waste materials. The government even warned that by the year 2022 rubbish will be out of control. This will be disastrous for our future generations. But there is still hope, we can make Britain clean again by campaigning for proper rubbish disposal. It is also important that individuals who hire rubbish removal London companies ensure that the said companies have safe methods of disposing of waste. Each day, there are litter picks taking place. Here are some of the litter picks you could participate in this year.

Litter Picks Near You

  • 2 Minute Litter Pick

The project sponsored by Be Richmond was launched in December 2018. To participate, all you need is two minutes of your time. The sponsors have provided pickers and a bag. You are required to fill the bag with litter near you and empty it into a bin. You should then return the bag and the waste picker on the board for other volunteers to use. If many people participate then, our surrounding will be clean again. The project is only for volunteers in the Richmond Town, Richmond Riverside, and Petersham areas.

  • River Thames Conservation Days

River Thames is famous all over the world for its fresh waters and diverse ecosystem. However, the glory was almost coming to an end due to the high levels of pollution. Thames21 Group has therefore organized litter pick days that will be taking place every Wednesday until April 2019. The campaign is aimed towards cleaning the pools, the footpath leading to the river, and to deflect the water so that it flow consistently. The group calls upon anyone who would want to participate because unity will make the project successful. Together we can save the wildlife on River Thames as well as reduce pollution for the safety of humankind.

Clearabee Offers Safe Waste Disposal

Have you ever wondered where your waste goes after the rubbish collection Lorry driver drives away from your premises? Well, most greedy companies will dispose the waste into the landfills without sorting to make sure that only the waste that can decompose is thrown into the landfills. At Clearabee, we are on the forefront in the campaign to make the UK free from rubbish. We sort plastics and other rubbish that are not biodegradable and take them to the recycling plants. That way, the waste materials will not end up in our rivers and harm our marine life. Furthermore, the polluted waters from the rivers may end up in our households and may even cause diseases. Hire rubbish removal London company that follows proper waste disposal methods for the sake of the future generations.

Our Other Services

Other than safe waste disposal, there are other services that we offer.

  • Same day waste collection
  • Late evening and weekend collection services
  • We don’t charge congestion fees because we have vehicles all over London
  • We are available on call or email whenever you need our services.


There are many ways that individuals can help in the conservation of the environment. One such way is through litter picks. There are groups or organizations near you that organize such events every month. If there are no such groups in your area, then you can start one. Clearabee diverts 100 per cent of rubbish from the landfills in an eco-friendly way making it your first choice of a rubbish removal London company. We also offer a same day collection of waste without charging you congestion charges. Most importantly, we are available on call or email whenever you need help.

Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson is a digital nomad and founder of Todays Past. She travels the world while freelancing & Guest blogging. She has over 5 years of experience in the field with multiple awards. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.
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