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Live Instagram Wall - What is it and Why Your Marketing Needs it


The social media platforms have become an essential part of the marketing landscape for brands & businesses where small businesses are using it to build their brand and big brands use it to engage with their consumers & promote their offerings.


Digital marketing is hugely influenced by such platforms but now even offline marketing such as at events or venues also the influence of social media is rising. Instagram as a platform has been most popular among marketers & brands.


But there needs to be a link between offline marketing & Instagram to connect these two and that link is called Live Instagram wall 


What Is a Live Instagram Wall?


A Live Instagram Wall by tools like Taggbox is a feed of content especially user-generated content that has been collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, mentions, tags, etc. that can be displayed on digital screens at events & venues in offline digital marketing channels.


As technological and innovation influence rises in the marketing and growing popularity of digital media, the offline channels are becoming more interactive & engaging and the Live Instagram wall is a solution to these marketing strategies. 


Live Instagram Wall is a display of engaging content in events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, digital signages, etc. by fetching content in real-time with automatic instant updates. 


Instagram has a billion active users who actively access, explore, and share amazing visual content with millions of brands using it to reach, engage, and convert their users into customers. 


Here we have listed a few reasons why you should leverage the Live Instagram wall in your event marketing or offline digital advertising. 


Why Use a Live Instagram Wall In Your Marketing?


1. UGC That Builds Trust & Credibility

Instagram as a platform is a hub of user-generated content with millions of users uploading engaging and interesting content daily. When such UGC is about a brand or relates to a brand, then it becomes the most valuable content for marketing. 


UGC is the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content-driven by real customers based on their real experiences. So, leveraging UGC in your offline marketing such as at events or exhibitions can help you build trust & credibility about the brand.


When the audience in the offline environment sees the positive word of mouth aka UGC, they will also be attracted to engage with the marketing communications and will create positive outcomes. 


Besides, trust & credibility also lead to influencing purchase decisions, building brand desirability, and brand advocacy. 


2. Access To Fresh & Original Visual Content

Be it online marketing or offline marketing, content is still the most essential element of a marketing strategy that defines its success and Instagram has the best content in the social media spectrum. 


Firstly, Instagram is a visuals-heavy platform and visual content is known to be more engaging and attractive than the textual content so much that it is processed 60000 times faster and is more memorable. 


Then the content is highly original and fresh that has been shared by diverse demographics and these attributes are extremely important for brands and marketers. 


Displaying such fresh, original, and visual content through digital screens will keep your audiences hooked to your campaigns leading to better engagement and results. 


3. Boost Reach, Awareness, & Exposure

Although the offline marketing campaigns like live events or digital signages require the audience to come to the marketing channels that limits its reach and exposure. 


Displaying the live Instagram wall at events, exhibitions, conferences, signages, etc helps you not just attract the attention of the maximum audience in offline environment but at the same time you also get to reach a wide audience. 


As you have integrated the online platform with offline marketing so you are reaching the Instagram audience as well where the content shared by users on Instagram works is a promotional UGC for your brand. 


This lets in reaching a wider audience through maximized exposure leading to vast brand awareness creation that can unlock maximized marketing possibilities and success. 


4. Grow Engagement, Interaction, & ROI

The engagement is the most important part of any offline marketing channel as it defines whether or not the results will be gained. Instagram is known to be the most engaging social media platform due to its content diversity and aesthetics. 


Displaying the engaging and amazing content on the Live Instagram wall will help you engage the audience and this will even drive the real-time interactions as well where the users can also take part in the campaign by creating and sharing content to the Live Instagram wall. 


So much so that you can even organize gamification and hashtag campaigns through the Live Instagram wall through Q&A sessions, Polls, Quizzes, Contests, Leaderboards, etc. 


All this will greatly help in driving results for your brand and at the same time gaining valuable insights into audience behavior. 



Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform and the popularity is constantly growing and the emergence of Live Instagram wall opens the door of marketing possibilities for the offline marketing channels as well.


The benefits that we discussed here are some of the most important ones from the Instagram wall but it is not limited to these as there are many more opportunities that you can explore with it. 


So, get started now by understanding the value of Live Instagram wall and how you can integrate these in your marketing campaigns to drive your brand growth and success. 

Carol Sobers
Carol is an enthusiastic content curator who loves to write anything and everything about digital marketing, content marketing, and social branding. Read her writeups here and don't forget to comment on what you feel about them!
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