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Living in Australia: Understanding How Do Aussies Stay Actives

Aussies pride themselves on being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle so that they can support their preference for being as active as possible. Here's some information about how Aussies stay healthy.

Wander Around

It's not necessary for you to do a lot of running in place every second of every day to stay active and healthy. The original Australian pioneers wandered around the outback, and in fact, their national anthem is called "Waltzing Matilda" which is about someone wandering around the countryside. Australians love to explore the wilderness outside their door and they constantly walk and hike through it for fun. This is all that's required to give yourself a solid base to build upon.

You'll be so fascinated by what you're exploring throughout the day that you'll forget that you're even exercising at all. This might include biking here and there in the park, hiking through the local mountain or trails, or a hundred other things.

Good Health Insurance

Aussies have an option of universal insurance that they can get from the government. There's also the possibility for them to get private health insurance as well, so it's a hybrid system that the populace is pretty happy about having. Moreover, there are highest chances of getting almost every surgical & medical expense covered in private health policy with various options for family, couples & singles as well. This means they have to stress out about health a lot more than what happens in other countries.

Do It Together

Aussies tend to be a social bunch and they love to do things in groups. This is one of the ways they tend to stay healthy, since running or doing whatever else in groups helps to keep it from feeling like a chore. It also helps to motivate you to keep going and keep exercising. Again, you also have the effect where you won't even remember what you're doing that much since you'll be just having fun with your mates.


Another big part of the Aussie mindset is not getting too bogged down by bad things happening. They have a "no worries" mentality and generally try to stay positive. Exercise is a big part of the Aussie lifestyle and they stay positive about it. They also have a tendency to focus on what they like to do, shaping the activity into what they want to make of it. So, it could be sailing, walking around a city, playing rugby, playing basketball, swimming in the ocean, or just about anything else that you can imagine. The important thing is to see it as an opportunity and act accordingly.

Eating Healthy

Being out in nature is a big part of healthy living for Aussies as well. This means eating greens and eating naturally. There's no reason to eat too much junk food since there are so many options when everything around you is a farm like in Australia. They also eat a lot of meat because there are a lot of pests around.


Even though staying in the outdoors is a big part of the Aussie lifestyle, they certainly also love to work out a the gym too. One of the big popular things to do at the gym these days is jumping up on blocks and then jump down again. It helps to create a strong body capable of flexibility and endurance. This is just one example of what you can do, of course, there's also lifting weights, resistance bands, hitting the pool if your gym has one, and many other options as well. The key is to just try everything out.

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