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Living in Brooklyn vs Manhattan: Where to Stay?

There is so much to worry about when moving to New York but the most important of all is where will you live? You will first need to decide on the borough and then locate rooms for rent.

People generally either go to Manhattan or Brooklyn and they are said to have a small price gap between them, but they are different in so many ways. So how do you choose which borough to live in? There are numerous factors that you should consider.

Consider the following

  1. What do you prioritise – consider which lifestyle factors are most important to you. are you most interested in the night life, cultural scene, activities, community? Once you have determined that, decide on whether you will want to commute everyday to the shops or your place of employment. This will help you decide on the location of your new home. Research the boroughs and find out what they are all about then decide on which are your most important hobbies, how you like to relax, what you do in your spare time. Is your commute to downtown Brooklyn or to Midtown Manhattan? what type of commute are you interested in?
  2. Determine what you want and what you need. Asking yourself a few probing lifestyle questions will help you decide on which neighbourhood you should consider. Decide on what you want to pay for rent and what amenities are most important to you.
  3. What kind of building do you want to live in? Manhattan is known for skyscrapers and townhouses and Brooklyn is known for lofts and brownstones. Decide which type of home is best for you and this will also help you decide on the area. Many people prefer Brooklyn because the property taxes are much lower for apartments and brownstones.


One of the stand-out features of NYC is that it is difficult to get around the city and subways and trains stations are always very busy.

While it may be important to consider what your commuting needs are, it is even more vital to consider your job location because you will surely not want to be bothered with a long commute every day when getting to work.

If you find a place that is more than 5-10 minutes from a train station then try to check for an alternative means of travel like buses, Citi Bike or even ferries.

Consider what you will be doing in the weekend and after work. Brooklyn neighbourhoods are generally more spacious and homely. Manhattan on the other hand is more fast paced and has world class cultural institutions. Deciding on which borough you want to live in, is very important.

Considering work and hobbies are of utmost importance to finding the right place for you and your family to live and thrive in. You will just need to do research into both boroughs and this will help you determine which place will suit you best.

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma is a Digital marketing Consultant and guest blogger. He covers topic like business, education, travel and entertainment stuff with fun. He's continued blogging and keep on inspiring other bloggers for the living.
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