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Loan Apps in India- How it works?

Getting an online loan has never been easier. With the arrival of online loan apps to the lending, scene customers are now faced with a bevvy of choices. Online loan apps are easy to use and process their loan amounts very quickly.

Most of these apps require you to have minimum documentation and can sometimes offer you a quotation without even checking your credit score. Also, using these apps can reduce your exposure during these pandemic times and enable you and your family to social distance safely. 

Why would I need to Avail a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are one of the cheapest forms of debt. Generally, people avail them when they are tight on funds or need to finance a significant upcoming expenditure in their lives. These loans can be availed under several circumstances. 


  1. To Consolidate Higher Interest Debt: Personal Loans are one of the cheapest ways to clear your balance sheet and refinance your bad debt. Loans such as credit cards have significantly higher Annual Percentage Rates. Personal loans, on the other hand, come at rates that can be as low as 6 %.

  2. Financing a Purchase: Another common use of a personal loan would be to pay for something that you cannot afford right away. Sometimes you might be a buyer of a home who is tight on cash, and in those situations, a home loan can be beneficial.

  3. Paying for a wedding: A personal loan for a considerable expense such as a wedding might save you a substantial amount on interest charges, provided it has a lower rate than your credit card. Hence it is an excellent option for those looking to pay for a wedding.

Why is a good credit score necessary for a Personal Loan?

Your credit history tells the lender if you are a responsible borrower or not. It is effectively the track record that you have maintained when it comes to return borrowed funds. 


Making regular interest payments on ongoing loans, paying your credit card bills before their due dates and not spending more than you earn are all safe ways to quickly improve your credit score. 


If you have a good credit score, then it means that when you download loan apps, you are more likely to get a higher loan at a cheaper interest rate because the lender will have more faith in your ability to repay the principal and interest.

How can I avail for an Online Loan App?

The application process is relatively simple when it comes to availing an online loan. 


1 You will have to choose an app for loan and then download it on the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

2 Once that is done you will have to create an online profile for yourself where you input all the essential documents required for securing your loan

3 Choose the loan amount and the period for which you want to take the loan

4 Once all of the documents have been uploaded you can submit your application

5 An agent or an associate with the lender will get back to you within 24 hours and let you know if your loan amount has been approved. Once approved, you can collect the disbursed loan amount right away.

What are the Documents Required to Avail a Loan through a Loan App?


To apply for online loans through an app, you will need some standard documentation. This paperwork can be sent to the lender through the app itself. The loan amount is solely determined based on your salary as well as your credit history. Here are the documents that you will need to apply for a loan:

  • Aadhaar card, 

  • A photograph, 

  • Bank account details and statements,

  • Salary slips 

  • You need to fill in a Know Your Customer form or KYC form



If you plan on using any of these then you should be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the lender before agreeing to take their financing. This will help prevent any misunderstandings in the future.
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