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Transport in London is more happening than you thought

The Big Smoke has an extensively developed transport network that inculcates some iconic models from the famous red bus to the tube and the black cab. Local transport in London is extensive, well connected and convenient. The network here is taken care and maintained by Transport for London (TfL) – a publicly owned corporation overseen by the Mayor of London.

Here is a brief about all the means that one can use to get around

  • Underground – The Tube

Wherever you are or wherever you want to go in Central London, you’ll find an Underground Station at walking distance.

  • Overground

Connecting inner-London suburbs, the Overground metro system fills in the gaps that Underground leaves uncovered.

  • DLR (Dockland’s Light Railway)

DLR is a fully automated, driverless tube railways. It is the fastest of all means but with limited connectivity, covering the Docklands.

London has a one for all system, a common Oyster Card work for all the three rail services except for the national railways, for the quick commotion. You can also use a credit card for the same, if not ticket system is also available.

  • Heavy Rails and National Express

These services (Rail and bus) connect London to the rest of the UK and a few other countries. It is a highly recommended service but expensive, trick here is to book early, sooner you book the better rate you will get for the ticket.

  • The Red Double Decker

The international icon of entire England is scheduled for more than 6,800 services carrying about 6 million passengers on over 700 routes every weekday.

  • Taxis
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Having served the city for more than 350 years, the hackney carriages certainly come in the bucket list of most visitors. Black cabs can be hailed on the street – simply call down the ones with illuminated yellow “TAXI” light.

PHVs or minicabs also make a great option for those running on a budget and in a group. You will have to pre-book these from their website or other registered platforms.

Easily find licensed, reliable and cheap taxi service in London. About 87% Londoners believe that taxis are more comfortable means for the city that big, than any other means. If you’re looking for pocket-friendly yet best-in-class airport transfers in London, you should definitely try out British Transfers (www.britishtransfers.co.uk).

  • Boats and Cruises

Watercraft makes the journey from one end of London to another more picturesque than ever. Putney to Woolwich is the most common journey taken in the Thames. Besides, you’ll easily find a Seaport transfer in London.

PS – If you’re a visitor, try navigating the city by walking, you’ll love it.

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