How Long Can You Live Without Water

Every human being and living things need water to survive, it is an essentialin human body for growth and development, drinking water, in required quantity everyday keeps you fit and healthy but what would happenif come under situation where there is no water or locked up where there is no water so in such circumstances how long can you live without water.

First let’s understand the importance of water in human life.

Water is important to human life in many aspects, mechanism of human body is dependent on water as below mentioned functions makes it crystal clear why such common ‘water’ is so important to health.

  • Water helps forming saliva
  • It regulates bodytemperature and prevents dehydration
  • Protects tissues, spinal cords and joints
  • It helps excrete waste through perspiration, urination and defecation
  • Increase physical efficiency and activity
  • Prevents from constipation and help in digestion of food
  • It helps with nutrient absorption and losing weight
  • Fights off illness increases immunity, boosts energy and improves blood oxygen circulation.
  • Water helps in keeping skin bright and radiant.

But what if there is no water then how long can you survive without water?

Human body is made of 60 % water every living cell in the body needs water to keep functioning, maximum time,  an individual can survive without water is about  a week but this is a generous count of time when people likely stop food and water intake but in difficult situations three to four days are the only survival period.

If water and electrolytes notreplenished in human body it may result into death as respiratory organs and kidneys fail due to lack of water, cell in human body begins shrinking all the vital organs fills with blood and most important organ brain contracts and blood vessels within the cranium bursts, this whole process is very painful and unbearable so to keep your body fit and stable drink lot of water every day.

How long can you live without water is also dependent on extreme weather conditions?

If you are locked in a car on a hot sunny day then in 3 to 4 hours the body stops functioning and leads to death due to suffocation and respiratory organ failure.

Dehydration is killing

Survival without water is also dependent on weather conditions if the weather is cooler then you are likely to survive little more but if the weather is too hot and has high temperature then survival is only 100 hours, human body loses water every second and in extreme conditions an adult can lose 1 liter of sweat so if water is not replaced back it can result in vomiting, diarrhea, kidney failure and death due to dehydration

Replenishing your body

In extreme hot weather always carry water and some liquid beverages along with you to keep your body stable but do not consume alcohol asit can lead to excessive urination and loss of water also avoid direct sun exposure and heat.

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