Looking to Purchase an Electric Car? Here is What You Need to Know

Things to consider while buying Electric vehicle

Environmental protection and sustainable development are becoming the watchwords globally. As concerned citizens, we should cut down acts contributing to pollution and actively take steps to preserve nature. Electric cars are a significant development in the use of clean energy. They neither use fossil fuels nor cause harmful emissions. However, you should be aware of a few things before buying an electric car so you can have a good experience of owning and driving one. Besides the technical features, you should be aware of the insurance for electric cars.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Car

Several factors contribute to helping you purchase the right eco-friendly car. Consider all the factors before making a wise decision as it involves a higher cost.

1. Driving Conditions:-

If you travel frequently and cover only short distances, then an electric car can be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you need to travel longer, you should reconsider your decision. You should know whether electric car charging stations are available easily on the road sections you drive often. If road conditions are poor, an electric vehicle may not be suitable. If you consider an electric car to be an appropriate option, you can start comparing the price.

2. Price:-

The price of a battery car is much higher compared to its conventional counterpart considering the engine specifications and functionalities. You must have a higher budget, even for the smallest electric car. As the technology is relatively new the risk is considered high and so car insurance is also more expensive. If you can allocate a sufficient budget, then consider the type of electric cars.

3. Types of electric cars:-

Based on your requirements and driving range, you can choose the type of electric car to purchase. There are fully electric cars and hybrid variants. Hybrid variants work on battery power and conventional fuel. You can run the car alternatively based on the driving conditions.

4. Specifications:-

Battery capacity is an important consideration. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) can have a smaller capacity range of 4–15 kWh. There are also PHEVs and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) with moderate capacities. Electric vehicles can also have a higher capacity of 40–100 kWh. Acceleration is the best feature of electric vehicles. Ensure to check the acceleration power when you take the test drive. Regenerative braking helps to manage energy loss efficiently. When you apply brakes in electric cars, regenerative braking can preserve energy and maintain the charge for a longer duration.

electric vehicle with charging point

5. Charging requirement:-

There are three levels of charging. First is the standard and level 1, second is fast-paced and level 2, and third is the DC charging and level 3. The standard charging system can be purchased and set at home. However, levels 2 and 3 are specific to vehicles and available only at the charging stations.

6. Maintenance and additional costs:-

As electric cars involve advanced technology, their maintenance cost is slightly higher. Skilled professionals can only repair such cars and service centres are not many.  You will also have to bear additional costs such as purchasing a charging station, maintenance of the charging station etc.

7. Cost of Insurance:-

Car insurance prices are relatively higher considering that the parts are expensive to replace. Therefore, it can cost you more in case of damage. If there is a battery failure and needs immediate replacement, it will cost you a huge amount. Hence, the cost of your insurance for the car is certainly high.

TATA AIG car insurance offers third party liability insurance and different types of comprehensive insurance plans with attractive coverage for your benefit. You can purchase the insurance policy for electric cars too.

8. Battery warranty:-

As the battery is the fundamental component in an electric car, compare different companies and choose the best based on the quality of the battery and the extent of warranty offered. The longer the warranty time, the better the security. However, the manufacturer will consider the duration of vehicle ownership and the kilometres covered.


Electric cars are considered extremely eco-friendly. Therefore, you should be congratulated for your concern for nature. However, before you make the big decision, you have certain factors to consider. First, look into your driving conditions, budget and type of car that you need. Then, look for the specifications, quality of manufacturer and the battery warranty terms. Finally, ensure to keep your vehicle in the best condition and renew car insurance online to stay protected. Go electric and be an eco-champion with a smart buy!