Lost Car Keys


Are you in a position where you have lost your car keys? Well, you want to make sure that you get on top of this situation as quickly as possible. You do not want to give access to someone else to your car. This is highly possible if someone else gets hold of your car keys. There is also a high possibility that this might be planned, so you want to avoid a risky situation like this. You will need to follow a different set of rules for different key types. So, you will have to first understand the kind of situation you’re in, and then move forward with how to go about your lost car keys. 

Car Key Duplication

One thing is for certain; you will need to get a duplicate car key as soon as possible. The best thing about this is that most automotive locksmith service providers offer you this without any issues. So, you will find that you have access to an automotive locksmith at any time. But the issue arises when it comes to the type of key you have lost. Not every car key is easily duplicated. So, you will have to pay close attention to how to go about getting a new or duplicate key, depending on the time of key you have lost. 

New/Duplication Of Traditional Car Key

If you have lost a traditional key, then you do not have to worry much about these. You will find these to look and work like almost every other key and do not have any complications attached to them. All you have to do is connect to an automotive locksmith and ask them to duplicate this key for you. However, since you have lost the key, duplication might not be the answer for you. You will have to go for getting a new key made entirely. A trained and professional automotive locksmith will be able to do this with ease and a professional locksmith can also make car key replacement with no keys at all.

F.O.B. Key

Another type of key that you can lose is the F.O.B. key. Now, these were essentially created to offer you ease. So, if you find yourself losing this one, you’re not unsafe. You can easily go ahead and make use of your traditional key for getting access to your car. There are no issues regarding this. Plus, you can also get access to an F.O.B. key online and it isn’t that expensive to get hold of one. You can also reach out to an automotive locksmith to help you with this as well.

Transponder Chip Keys

Now, if you lose your transponder chip key, then you’re in trouble. These are keys that have a plastic head with a chip installed inside of it to keep it away from being stolen. If you lose these, then you will have to go through an entire process. From getting your car towed away to getting an expensive key made again from an automotive locksmith. There are a lot of issues in this. 


Always make sure that you have the number of an efficient and reliable automotive locksmith service on hand. It can save you from a lot of troubles when it comes to your car.