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Love Superstitions, and what they mean?


Superstitions are believed everywhere and by almost everyone. People also believe in superstitions of love. It means whether you will get your lover or not. If you, too, are uncertain about your passion, you can use the different types of love superstitions to let you know. People are curious about using superstitions to find answers to such questions, which are typically challenging to answer. Romantic superstitions are a great source of determining the level of relationship. Love superstitions very helpful in knowing problems like:

  • Will someone loves me?
  • The person I love, loves me, or not?
  • When will I get my love?

The answers to such questions can found through someone who can forecast or through the superstitions.

There are many types of love superstitions, but the most common are the following:

Using petals of flowers

It mostly used when one is uncertain about the love intention of the other person. Because the flower itself is the symbol of love, you use it as your love superstition.Full moon love superstitions are a common type of love superstitions that are somehow similar to using petals of flower superstations. If you want to know whether someone loves you or not, then you must use this technique. What you need to do is take a flower start plucking its petals by saying love loves me not. The last leaf will decide your future.


This related to counting horses. If you count sixty horses, it means the after counting, the first man you meet will be your partner. If you score 100 horses in a leap year, then the first person after recount will be your husband or wife. There are other ways also like if you are going on an see the two horses together then the person you will be your wife or husband. A similar notion to this type is superstitions' future husband. The young girls and even widows have more trust in this type of superstition. They consider them as assistance in finding their future husband. Even some of the bachelor males or guys believe in this type of superstitions. For psychic reading expert visit:  https://www.psychicreadingexpert.com/


It is the most famous love superstitions that if you stand at night before the mirror and eat and withholding a lamp in any of his or her hand, and wish for the person whom he loves. Soon he or she will see the face of that person in the mirror.

Another way is that it sits on the table and put two forks and knives on the table before you. Dating superstitions are somehow different from this type of superstition. It must be at eleven pm. Just imagine your beloved, who is eating with you. It will include the love pear in the heart of your beloved.

Leaves cloves

This love superstition for girls. In this, the girls put at least two leaves cover into their shoes and walk on the road. The first person who passes by them at the side in which you put the leaves is probably the person who will be yours. Pacing the leaves means you increase your luck in the case of love. Furthermore, by walking the four leaves in the shoe guarantees the marry with the first person she encounters on the roads.

Alphabetic letters

What you need is to write the a-z on the pieces of paper. Then place them on the surface of the water facing down. In the morning, check the letter, which appears they are initials of your future lover. Moreover, another way is to know your lover. By writing five names of the persons on the pieces of paper. And then through them at night and pick one of them and place under your pillow. Early in the morning, check the name, and that will be your future partner. It seems like an exciting game.

Doorway love superstition

It’s a loves superstition, not advised to do because it based upon the killing. What you need to do if you want to know your lover, kill a bird, and hang it cheat bone on your door. The person of the opposite sex enters the first is your love partner.

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