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LPG Booking Apps Have Made Life Easier

Lpg is commonly known as cooking gas is an important part of every household. It is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel which makes it perfect for cooking. It is easy to transport and easy to use, unlike other fuels. Also, its high calorific value makes it perfect for heating purposes.

With the never-ending demand for LPG in the market, gas companies these days are compelled to innovate services to satisfy customers. Mobile applications are one of the biggest innovations in the field of the gas industry. Customers who used to stand in long queues for an LPG delivery service can now easily book or refill their gas cylinders from anywhere, anytime through mobile apps. Mobile apps have certainly made life easier for both businesses and customers. Now businesses can ensure that their customers are getting a prompt service without any delay and this way customer satisfaction is also achieved. Customers on the other hand feel independent since they can now book or refill cylinders through websites and mobile apps just by following a few instructions.

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and with access to the internet, you can easily download the mobile app of your preferred or selected gas company. Mobile applications are now available for LPG consumers on Android and iPhones with options to book Refill cylinder, to register a request for a second cylinder, log a complaint, check the history of refill supplies received, put a request for surrender of connection, and also rate your distributor. 

There are few basic steps to use a mobile app which is common for every gas company. How to install a mobile app on your smartphone :

  • Go to the play store and search for your chosen gas company’s mobile app you need to download. Then just install the app by selecting it.
  • After you are done with downloading the application there are few steps you need to follow for its activation.
  • When you press to activate it will ask you for :

Your gas distributor's code

Consumer reference number

Mobile number

  • You need to submit the above details correctly for receiving the activation code on your mobile via SMS. 
  • After receiving the activation code, launch the application on mobile using the activation code. 
  • It will also ask to give your security code (a password) so that at a later stage whenever this application is used, it will ask for your security code, verify the same and allow you to use the options.

These mobile applications are very easy to use if you follow the instructions properly. You can give your preferred time for gas delivery. Just like the offline process here also you are required to give valid documents such as identity and address proof. These identity and address proofs are then verified by your chosen gas agency. After verification of documents, you are given a consumer number with which you can track your gas cylinders online. In case you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to order through a mobile application, you can still easily book or refill through the agency's website.

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