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Lucrative Amenities in London Service Apartments

When traveling away from home, one always expects to have a lodging at a place where they need not compromise with their privacy. If you are one such of a kind, a serviced apartment is your suitable rescue option. As the name suggests, these are something different from a hotel or a guest house. If your tour package includes London city, you have got a wide range of service apartments to choose from. Stay glued to know more about the amenities and services provided by the serviced apartments.

About Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is a well-furnished rented house for your long-term or short-term stay at the destination. It provides certain amenities, services of housekeeping and the rental price is inclusive of all the levied taxes. It is much like a hotel, but with added facilities and more convenient as it offers better privacy than a traditional hotel or  a guest house.

At an extravagant and lavish apartment, you even get  a kitchen for private coking, a washing machine, and a balcony rendering a beautiful view. The comfortable and spacious apartment is a suitable option for both leisure and business travelers.

Your possible expectations from  Serviced Apartments

From these apartments including London service apartments, you can possibly expect:

  • All utilities including water & electricity
  • One or more separate bedrooms, or in studio apartments, a designated sleeping area
  • A well-equipped kitchen, with dishwasher and washer/dryer
  • A living area
  • A bathroom
  • A housekeeping service
  • TV, Wi-Fi and modern in-room technology

 Advantages over Hotel Rooms

Undoubtedly, a hotel is a suitable place for accommodation and it provides helpful services to the travelers. But as there are always exceptions, serviced apartments hold a better position when it comes to popularity and wide acceptance. Some of its advantages over hotel rooms include:

  • Higher Privacy – You get to reside at a place that is exactly like your home with complete privacy and comfort. You can enjoy their personalized services and spacious living areas.
  • Better amenities – On the contrary to hotels, serviced apartments in London, are well-furnished, with attached washroom facilities, a kitchen, dining area, and a large size comfortable bed.
  • Beverage and food services – Usually, you wont get morning meals at a serviced apartments but as you are provided with your private kitchen, it is no big deal. You also get recommendations of some nearby chained restaurants.
  • Savings and rates – These are generally more affordable than a hotel due to various reasons. At a hotel, a great number of staffs are required for better service, it generally has a restaurant that demands large amount for investment, they even include extra breakfast charge. However, at serviced apartments, you get your private kitchen which saves much of your money at restaurants or food stalls.

So, if you are planning a tour abroad, you can make a wise decision when you have known about the attractive and lucrative services provided at the serviced apartments. It is an appropriate accommodation for your undisturbed privacy and a luxurious stay.


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