Monday, October 2, 2023
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LXP - The Centre of Corporate Learning

The unprecedented digital transformation has created new possibilities that a highly skilled and modernized workforce can only be realized. Organizations thus have a great need for their workforce to teach relevant skills and competencies to be proficient at these new/changing jobs.

The new era of technology has brought about a shift in tools and a shift towards employee-centric design with a need for learning and information support to be easy and intuitive to use. Companies need to deliver a compelling, digital learning experience to ensure business success.

LXPs have created a tectonic shift from the traditional way of corporate L&D. They have enhanced user engagement by helping learners interact with the platform in a more personal way. According to the 2020 research report by Facts & Factors, the global LXP market in 2020 stood at USD 508.5mn and is expected to surge at a CAGR of 25.3% and is anticipated to surpass USD 2186.4 Million by 2026.

Learning Experience Platforms are now offering a new set of tools in corporate L&D with a “modern learning experience” that can integrate, manage, curate, and organize videos, articles, podcasts, and any other form of digital content. LXPs are now forming the basis for a whole new learning management industry.

The Imperative for Learning Experience Platforms

LXPs have state-of-the-art functionalities with intelligent methods to suggest personalized content, recommend third-party articles as well as index documents, videos, and other digital assets. LXPs are becoming a one-stop-shop for content management, knowledge management, and learning systems which have fostered the exponential growth of the LXP market.

Learning & Development is shifting from “instructional design” to “experience design,” where it is essential to look at employees’ journey at work to produce learning that is simple and easy in the flow of work.

Over the years, corporate L&D has been focusing on “continuous learning,” which has fostered the rise of learning experience platforms with channel-based learning and recommendations, adaptive learning systems, and a new era of AI-based content delivery solutions.

LXPs are designed with programs around micro-learning or bite-sized content pieces like videos, podcasts, and animations, as well as macro-learning, entailing long-form articles, e-books, and corporate presentations. And offers the flexibility to learn when they want in the most natural way possible.

As employees begin to learn from a vast selection of online publications or enroll in open online courses like MOOCs, Learning Experience Platforms offer visibility across the learner’s journey and help to understand employees’ capabilities and interest areas.

Why LXPs Are Becoming Integral to Corporate Learning
Learning Experience Platforms are employee-driven, offering them greater control over what content they choose the format they like to consume, and even the source. The democracy over choosing content in LXPs is one of the most desired aspects of LXPs over traditional LMS, where learners have little or no control over which content they choose.

Through intelligent knowledge discovery (IKD), LXPs can provide highly adaptive, contextualized learning experiences based on the analysis of job performance, skills gaps, and on-job competencies required.

With concurrent capabilities of AI and ML, modern LXPs can tag, categorize, and recommend the right content personalized to the user and relevant to the skills to be acquired.

LXPs have intelligent ML algorithms built into them, which can adapt to new content and suggest relevant content when users browse — a capability akin to online platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

LXPs can provide a richer learning experience through deeper personalization and more widespread learning opportunities. By integrating with other platforms – Google Services, YouTube, social media, Communicational tools (e.g., communication leader Slack) – LXPs extend the learning experience beyond the corporate learning system.

Modern LXPs have embedded Experience API (xAPI), which facilitates tracking various parameters on various digital devices while learning and performing on-the-job tasks. This enables companies to understand how learning has influenced employees’ performance. LXPs capture data from multiple sources and track where and how your employees learn.

LXPs can offer insights into key metrics, including ROI, business outcomes, and links between learning and on-job performance. LXPs can be leveraged in learning management and in understanding the effectiveness and success of an upskilling program.

LXPs go above and beyond the prescribed and limited content in the LMS to create personalized learning experiences and help users discover new learning opportunities.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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