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Magento vs WooCommerce – Which One Is More Reliable?


So, you are confused between the two most popular and powerful ecommerce platforms – Magento and WooCommerce.

That’s quite natural!

Marketers making their mind for ecommerce stores often find this a hurdle to cross. And so, you. Like others, you must have scrolled Google to find a solution to your problem. But probably, it has confused you more.

Not to worry, as you are reading the right article that will open a door to your solution.

Magento and WooCommerce are both leading open source leading open source ecommerce development platforms loaded with multiple features. But what makes them different from each other, that’s the point of concern.

So, let’s look at Magento vs WooCommerce!

Magento – This is a powerful ecommerce creating platform that allows businesses to set up an online store, manage payments and products. This open-source platform is available in both free community edition as well as in paid edition. However, the paid edition comes with some added advantages. These include cloud hosting, better support, and some additional features compared to the free community edition.   

Here are some popular features of Magento.

Key features

  1. Magento supports unlimited products with self-hosting access.
  2. It has its own themes and layouts.
  3. Magento is integrated with API, allowing the user to connect with any third-party solution.
  4. It offers admin interfaces along with product creation tools.


  1. Magento development company is known for its scalable services.
  2. Magento does not hesitate to create large stores for big brands.
  3. Magento has its own self-hosting feature that makes it one-of-a-kind.
  4. Magento is integrated with different payment options like PayPal.
  5. Magento comes with Authorize.net and Braintree.


  1. Magento’s enterprise edition is very expensive.
  2. Magento is not made for the beginners.
  3. Magento requires proper training and mastering in this platform.
  4. Magento offers weak CMS capabilities.
  5. Magento supports large stores and so requires high maintenance.


WooCommerce – This is another open source platform that usually works with WordPress. It is basically a plugin that when installed in a WordPress website helps the site to work as an online store. WooCommerce is a package of plugins that work together to achieve the desired functionality and e-store performance. You will be surprised to learn that over 400,000 sites rely on WooCommerce for their e-store development.

Let’s talk about the features that have made WooCommerce a reliable choice for many ecommerce marketers.

Key features

  1. WooCommerce is a home that supports an unlimited number of products. You can add your products without keeping the track of the number.
  2. WooCommerce plugin works with WordPress. As a result, it comes with a robust extension system that makes the platform so powerful.
  3. WooCommerce allows you to select a theme from endless premium and free themes.


  1. WooCommerce is absolutely free and perfect for beginners.
  2. WooCommerce is the key to enter the WordPress platform.
  3. WooCommerce is easy to use as here you get extensive documentation for the users.
  4. WooCommerce is integrated with Google Analytics and SSL support.
  5. WooCommerce also pays attention to the content. It works with the sites that offer WordPress CMS capabilities.
  6. WooCommerce can be chosen for selling ebooks, podcasts, etc.



  1. WooCommerce is nothing without WordPress. You must have a WordPress website to access this platform.
  2. WooCommerce premium themes and extension costs make it a bit expensive.
  3. WooCommerce has a low scalability, hence has a weak database architecture.


Which is better? Magento or WooCommerce?

Both Magento and WooCommerce are two effective ecommerce developing outlets. But if you are crazy about building an ecommerce store that includes complex links, B2B ecommerce requirements, and customizing features, Magento will be a great fit.

However, if you already have an ecommerce website and are just looking for a plugin to kick start the store, then WooCommerce will be a cost-friendly approach.

Magento development is definitely more expensive than WooCommerce development services. But both play a dominant role in the development process.

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