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Magic 101: What Is Sleight of Hand? Learn 10 Different Sleight of Hand Tricks to Try at Home

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Have you ever wondered how magicians can do the tricks that they do? You were about to try some of the tricks but felt discouraged because you thought it was impossible? Well, nothing is impossible if you practice it every day.

If you practice magic, with a little bit of effort, you will see that everything will come to its place, and you will be the person everyone will look at when you do your tricks. One of the most popular tricks that magicians use is the sleight of hand, and we will talk about it in our next paragraph. Stay tuned to find out more.

What is Sleight of Hand?

Many of us wonder how the magicians do the tricks they do and why they always trick us. Well, the answer is this, it is all in our heads. When they look at you, they know how to trick your mind and bend the air you're breathing so that you won't notice what they are doing.

The definition of sleight of hand is quite simple, and it goes something like "a neatly performed trick or deception using `a deck of cards." So the tricks are simple yet so seemingly untouchable, and everyone wants to know them. Let's try and find a few sleight-of-hand tricks that you can learn and try at home.

10 Different Sleight of Hand Tricks to Try at Home

Do you want to impress a few of your friends with the best trick ever, we

ll let's find out how you can practice and try it at home?

  • The Double Undercut

 The Double undercut is said to be a beginner's move. It is one of the first tricks that people do when they start practicing Sleight of Hand. The action is done with two hands cutting the deck twice so that the first cut is back at the top.

  • The Top Change

The Top Change is when you switch the deck's top card with another top card of the deck. You take the top card and exchange it with the second top card to deceive the crowd. The point is to get it so smooth that the person in front of you doesn't notice that you switched the top card.

  • The Top Shot

The Top Shot is when you hold the deck with your index finger and your thumb. Then, you shuffle through the cards with your pinky to look like you're about to take the card from the middle of the deck. Once you've done that, lock your pinky on the first card, move your hand to the left, and throughout the deck's top card with your pinky.

  • The Riffle Force

The Riffle force move is when you find the card that your friend chose inside of the deck. So you put the chosen card on top of the deck face up, you hold the card on top of the deck with the pinky, you riffle the deck, and when they say "stop, "you put the card inside of the deck with your pinky. So it looks like the card was actually inside of the deck and not on top of it.

  • The Ghost Count

You can try this move with only four cards for a start. The third card is the "open card." Force the first card out slightly with your thumb and take two cards from the bottom. Hide one card while counting the pre-set-up number of cards.

  • The Double Lift 

By pushing down a little bit on a card you are putting in the deck, you isolate it from the deck's top half. At this point, by splitting the base portion of the deck, making three complete piles, you move those piles, creating the illusion that the card is lost in the deck when in real life, you took it back to the highest point of the deck. 

  • The One Hand Cut 

The one-hand cut allows you to break the deck into two smaller parts and exchange the cards' position. It's a show-off card move that will expand your card magic tricks.

  • The Swivel Cut 

Take a pile of the deck and swift it in a clockwise direction, do it with your thumb while you hold the other part with your other hand. Once it clears the deck, you just have to let go of the first part, and it will fall into your other hand. And then you just put the bottom half on top.

  • Tilt/ Depth Illusion 

Make your friend choose the card from the deck, separate that card, take the deck, and put the chosen card inside the deck while separating the first card from the top, making it look like you're putting it in the middle. The chosen card will be the second card from the top.

  • The Jog Shuffle 

When your friend chooses a card from the deck, put it back at the angle inside of the deck. Shuffle the cards so that they will think that your card is lost in the deck. Put the top pile of the deck at the bottom to look as if you are shuffling the cards, and your angled/ chosen card should appear at the top.

All it takes is a lot of practice and a clear mind so that the mind of your friend will be blown away by your performance.

Final Thoughts

Find the card trick that suits you so that you can impress everyone in the room. All it takes is some practice. Find some videos and do your research so that you can upgrade your skills and feel freer with your deck and the tricks. Good luck .

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