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Main Benefits Of Using A Melbourne Flight Simulator

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Learning to fly is an exhilarating experience and nothing beats sitting in the cockpit and controlling a real aircraft while soaring high above the clouds. You can be better prepared and enjoy your time in a real aircraft even more if you take advantage of flight simulators during your flight training.


Flight simulators have come a long way since they were first invented in 1929. These days, there have been many advances in both screen technology and software development to simulate realistic weather conditions, integrate virtual technology and many more.


If you are wanting to learn to fly in Australia, then here are the main benefits of how a flight simulation training can help with your flight training.


Ideal for learning navigational procedures


When learning how to fly an aircraft, flight simulators help aviation students to improve their navigational abilities including IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) by recreating any flight training scenario.


If a student pilot has their first cross-country solo flight coming up, a flight simulator can recreate the exact situation so they can practice their route before taking to the skies in a real aircraft.


Highly customisable


The latest software and technology allow flight simulators to create highly customisable flight training scenarios. Student pilots can take off from the same airport that they are training at, with realistic scenery and exact runway layouts replicated accurately.


The scenery includes real-world features such as rivers, landmarks, roads, terrain and lakes – even humidity levels! This creates the ideal experience for flight students to practice taking off, landings, planning flight paths, flight manoeuvres, getting used to aircraft controls and much more.


Makes flight training more affordable


When you calculate flight instructor, maintenance, fuel and insurance fees, the cost of training in a real aircraft starts to add up. By cutting out these associated costs, flight training simulators are a much more affordable way of learning how to fly an aircraft. If you train in a simulator you can be better prepared for your time in a real aircraft, reducing the possibility of you needing to repeat lessons.


The best flight schools in Victoria have their students train in an advanced Melbourne flight simulator throughout many of their flight courses. This allows student pilots to gain a portion of their required flight time hours in a simulator rather than having to pilot a real aircraft, which can reduce the overall cost of the flight course itself.


Perfect for training in various weather conditions


Even though Melbourne is an ideal location for learning how to fly because of its constantly changing weather patterns, flight simulators are perfect for training and practising in specific weather conditions. They can recreate any weather scenario such as flying in icy conditions, strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain, night time flying and more.


The safety factor


The benefits of flight simulation can’t be discussed without mentioning that it’s the safest way of learning how to fly. Flight students have the advantage of being able to practice with aircraft controls, various flight manoeuvres and methods while being safely situated on the ground.


Because there is no risk of an emergency occurring, students also feel much more comfortable in a flight simulator when learning as opposed to piloting a real aircraft in the sky. As there is no risk of making a detrimental or fatal mistake, student pilots can learn flying tasks more effectively.


There are many emergency situations that you simply cannot replicate during training in an actual aircraft. Using flight simulators to replicate emergency situations in the aircraft is a great way to prepare yourself, should the real thing ever occur.


Great for staying proficient


It is not just flight students who can benefit from flight simulators, but also experienced veteran pilots as well. Even once you have obtained your pilot licence, continually practising is crucial for keeping your skills sharp. Rather than paying the associated fees with training in a real aircraft, experienced senior pilots can hone their skills in a flight simulator without ever having to leave the ground.



In summary


Whether it’s training for in-air emergencies, perfecting navigational procedures, staying proficient or more, learn to fly at an aviation school that can provide the latest flight simulator. Search online for a flight school in Melbourne today!




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