Main Difference Between Foil Vs Rotary Shaver



An electric shaver is a kind of shaving equipment that draws its power from the mains electricity. It contains a cord that is attached to a socket which subsequently transmits power from to it. It exudes awesome cutting power and is thus great for coarsest and thickest hair available.

Its major downside though is the fact it constraints to you to a specific geographical locale. You will have to stick to the radius of its cord. As such, you cannot use it in remote locations that are detached from the national grid. The same case applies to those areas that have an incompatible voltage rating.

Main Difference Between Foil Vs Rotary Shaver


Generally speaking, the rotary shaver is smaller and more compact in size. For this reason, it is comparatively easier to carry around and deploy in a unique location. The foil shaver, on the other hand, is bulkier and larger in size. As such, it is not so convenient to engage and carry around as need be.

Power Source

The rotary shaver derives its power both from the batteries and the mains electricity. The foil shaver, on the other hand, can only derive its power from the mains electricity. On the basis of this consideration, the rotary shaver is the more convenient of the two. It is also widely applicable.

Intended Use

With the rotary shaver, you may smoothen your beards, cut some coarse hair, and soften your hard skin. With the foil shaver, on the other hand, you can only decorate your sideburns and remove some thin strands of hair. Moreover, it cannot press hard against the contours of your skin as the rotary shavers.



Other than the precise kinds of uses discussed above, these two shavers are meant for use in totally different locations. The foil shaver is mainly for indoor use. The rotary shaver, on the other hand, is meant for the person on the move. It is hence great to carry around and deploy in remote locations.

Required Expertise

All factors considered, the foil rotary shaver is more complicated to utilize. This is because it contains too many parts, features, and technical specifications. These call for added expertise to be able to effectively man. The same is not the case with the foil shavers which are a bit simple and straightforward.

Operational Mechanism

The foil shaver has blades that are mounted against a foil background. The cutting mechanisms come in the form of the perforated mesh. The rotary shaver, on the other hand, contains three independently attached flex heads. These have small cutters that rid the skin of hair by rotating and flexing about an axis.


These shavers are intended for slightly different purposes and applications. This makes the two of them somewhat complementary. However, if you must buy strictly one of them, you would better place your bet on the rotary shaver. This is because this kind of shaver is able to handle more tasks than the foil shaver counterpart.

It is also comprehensive in scope, design, and functionality. This is not to mention that it can conform to the unique shape and contours of your face. Because of this, the shaver entitles you to maximum convenience and higher returns on investments. Give it a topmost priority in your search for the right shaver that is bro shaver review

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