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Maintain Your Air Conditioning System To Keep Indoor Pollution Away

Do you know that an air conditioning system can do more than just cool your indoors? Modern air conditioners are equipped with impressive features that not only help reduce pollution indoors but can control various allergies. A good air condition system ensures a heath friendly home atmosphere.  

Maintain Air Conditioners To Reduce Pollution Indoors

Whenever we think of pollution, all we think of is the smoke emitted by the vehicles on the road or that factory placed in the outskirts. But most of us are not aware of the indoor air pollution that can do more harm than you can ever imagine.

The indoor air pollution caused by many things in and around your room. There are air pollutants like viz. moisture construction materials, allergens, Old systems. Excess moisture in our house can lead to mold and can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Building materials like asbestos or a few kinds of woods can also cause pollution. Airborne allergens that enter the house from the outdoors can also be a cause of indoor pollution.

How To Reduce Air Pollution Indoors?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to reduce indoor pollution:

1. Ensure Regular Maintenance Of The Air Filters

Think of AC maintenance, and we cannot stop thinking about cleaning or replacing the air filters. Change the air filters in the air conditioning system every few months. Changing air filters every 90 days keeps the air indoors clean and away from any allergens. This is very much needed if you have pets or have a family member suffering from asthma. If you are not in for replacing the air filters, you at least need to clean them once a month.

2. Clean The Air Ducts

If you are staying in a place known for its humid climate, you will notice that harmful bacteria can form inside the air ducts. Hence it is essential to clean the air ducts in the AC from time to time. Call a professional for a thorough cleanup. Most people clean the air ducts as a part of their spring cleaning, and it is indeed a wise thought. If you have not used your air conditioner for a while, especially during winters, there can be mold inside the ducts, which can cause various health issues.

3. Check The Drainage Hole

Most of the air conditioning systems have a drainage hole, which is often left unattended or in this case, unclean. There can be a lot of winter gunk near the holes that can at times, block the drainage as well. The blockage leads to standing water, which in turn causes mold. Start by wiping the drainage hole from the outdoors and clean the indoors using a wire.

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4. Assure To Clean The Vents

Most of us focus on maintaining the air conditioning system but forget about the dirt accumulated on the exterior of the unit, the vents. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the vents to keep them clean and free of dust. You can even think about using a UV air purification system to reduce harmful pathogens in the air indoors.

Spring is the perfect time to clean your air conditioners and get them ready for summer. If you have not yet started to clean your AC’s it is time you do so!  If you are having an old air conditioner, there might be a lot of dust accumulated in it. If you are facing frequent problems with its functioning, you need to consider bringing home a new one. The modern air conditioners have various in-built features that keep humidity away and help with clean indoor air. 

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