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How to Go about Maintaining the Interiors of Your Car?

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It is indeed an amazing feeling to keep your car just as new! The gist of it lies in maintaining it well and keeping it clean all the time. You spend a lot of time inside the car which is why it needs to be maintained constantly. Let us look at the ways in which you can take care of your car well. 

Leather Seats 

Most of the cars today have leather seats in its interior. Even though leather is resistant to stains and can handle the wear and tear fairly well, one has to condition it well. If the leather is not taken care of then it ends up becoming stiff and starts to crack. Maintaining leather is easy is all you need to do is to start off by vacuuming it. After you have taken off all the debris you can then apply leather cleaner to your seats. Make sure that you wipe off this also with a clean cloth at the end. Lastly, you want to condition the leather seats with the help of a leather conditioner. You should then buff off all the extra conditioner that is there. 

Cloth Seats 

Finding cloth seats is not a common option these days. However, if you are having seats that are made of cloth then they certainly should be washed every once in a while. First, you can use a vacuum cleaner to take off all the debris. Then go ahead and use a stiff interior brush to bring out any dust. Lastly, you can use a damp cloth and take off any dirt those surfaces. Repeat this particular process until you find that the seats are visibly clean. In case the car has more than just dust you can consult professionals who deal with Car seat repairs.


Alcantara is the popularly used car material these days. It has become a good choice because it is not that painful to maintain it unlike the other materials. In order to maintain this sort of an interior you can clean it on a regular basis. If you want to go for deep cleaning then the Alcantara cleaner is a wonderful option. 

Floor Mats 

The floor mats are perhaps the dirtiest. You can easily clean them up by taking them out and shaking them vigorously. In case the shaking doesn’t work you can use a stiff brush for loosening. Once there is no dust left you can then take a water jet and wash the floor mat. In case you are using a soapy solution ensure that the mat is wiped clean. Otherwise it can be unsafe while driving and can be slippery. 

Windows and mirrors 

A microfiber cloth and glass cleaner is all you need when cleaning windows and mirrors. In case your car has tinted windows you should be even more careful this is because they are made of materials which get deteriorated when a cleaner is used. If you are not sure about this then it is best to consult the vendor who did apply the tinted glasses for you. When you are cleaning make sure that you apply the cleaning product on cloth instead of the mirror. 


No matter what material the dashboard is of, it is always the most difficult to be cleaned. Due to the tricky design of the car, dashboard becomes really unreachable. If you wish to make any alteration to the interior of your car then contact Motor trimmers Melbourne. For cleaning the dashboard you should begin by vacuuming the space first. Then go ahead and clean the interior with a generous amount of cleaner.

Thus, with the help of the above tips you can actually clean the interior pretty well. Each and every part of your interior needs to be cleaned with great preciseness. You should make it a point to invest in the right tools that will help you to thoroughly clean your car. Remember that it is only after you maintain it well can you actually make the car last longer. 

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