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Essential Maintenance for an Air Conditioning Unit

Summers are officially here now which means that you have to deal with soaring temperatures and bright sunshine all day long. The hot and humid weather can drive everyone crazy but everyone has air conditioners in their homes, offices, and cars to keep them cool and steady. While you may not have to deal with the repair and service work of air conditioners at your office, but at home, it may be a different story altogether. If your air conditioning is not working then you will have to see whether there is something wrong with it or you just need to get it serviced. However, there is different AC repair pooler GA than can do the task for you.

Air Conditioning Unit

So ideally it is important that every household must get their air conditioning checked and serviced before the start of the summer season. This is because, during the summer season, there is a rapid increase in the use of air conditioning units and if at that time your unit is not working properly then you will have to deal with the hot and humid temperature that is outside. Just like every other electronic and mechanical item requires proper maintenance in order to function, the case with air conditioners is nothing different as you need to get them checked before you start extensive use in summer. We will now take you through some of the essential maintenance that is required for an air conditioning unit.

Maintenance and Cleaning

You can do maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioning unit yourself with the help of basic tools. As you are not a pro in cleaning and maintaining air conditioning units, thus you may take more than half a day to complete the service and maintenance. Some of the basic equipment and tools that you will require in order to clean the units include a screwdriver, garden hose, rake, coil cleaner, foil tape, bleach, fin tool, and hot soapy water. Before you start the cleaning program yourself, the first thing that needs to be done is to switch off the air conditioning unit. We often forget to do this while doing service and it can turn out to be a total disaster. The maintenance can be done either from the outside or from the inside of the unit.

In order to clean the air conditioning unit from the outside, you need to do the following things.

  • Clean out to the condenser of the unit. If the condenser is on the ground that there is a lot to clean but if it is somewhere at the top, then there won’t be much to clean. You will need to remove the cage from the unit with the help of a screwdriver and then clean all the debris and dirt from the interior with the help of vacuum cleaners.
  • With the help of butter knife, straighten the fins of the unit. If the fins are damaged or they are bending, then you need to make them straight. Straight fins are essential for allowing proper flow of air and if they are not straight then the efficiency of the unit can reduce and you won’t get your room as cool as you want.
  • Once the fins have been straightened to ensure the flow of air, you will then need to clean the fins with the help of vacuum. You can use the spray to remove the dirt and debris from inside as well. It is advised that one should not use pressure materials to clean the fins as it may damage them permanently.
  • Once all this is done, then you need to level the unit so that things start to work out quickly. The condenser needs to be on a level so that the compressor of the air conditioning unit does not go down easily. You can use the rot-resistant shims in order to make the condenser unit come back at the place.
  • You can use the spray to clean the evaporator coil as well for better and enhanced performance.
  • Once the outer body part is finished. You can now clean the unit from the inside as well. In order to clean from inside, you can use the spray to clean the evaporator coil as well for better and enhanced performance. Spray the coil with cleaner and let it drop into the drain pan. Once done you can clean the drain pan with the help of water and soap.
  • You have to clean the evaporator drain as well which is the pipe that is coming out. Use the vacuum to clear out any blockages in the evaporator drain. However, it is recommended that the drain should not be cleaned from more than 2 hours at the start as it can end up damaging the drain.
  • You can also change the filter of the ac, a common thing that a lot of people don’t understand right now. The filter should be changed two times every year with one being the start of the summers and one being at the start of winters.

Once all these steps are taken, it is the time where you have to check whether all the hard work has paid dividends or not. The whole process was earlier looking at a big deal but not anymore as you can do everything at your home. But do remember that if the unit is not working after service then it’s time for you to seek professional help so that there is no more damage to the unit. This complete process may cost you around -75. However, if you are seeking help from any professional, then the costs may go up to $200 for one single visit. Hence it is advised to take professional help even as it won’t cost more than that when you have to get your air conditioning parts replaced or challenged.

These things will help you to better understand the process of air conditioning units cleaning process specifically the essential one.

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