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Rental Property Maintenance Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants

The rental properties need regular maintenance because the condition of the property plays an important role in determining its value. If you want to satisfy the tenants and earn a good reputation in the real estate industry then make sure that you are efficient about the maintenance of the property. The landlords and tenants both have a part to play in keeping the property in a good condition. The maintenance responsibilities are clearly mentioned under the landlord-tenant law.

Here are a few important things that landlords and tenants need to know to keep the property in perfect condition.

Landlord’s Property Maintenance Responsibilities:

Landlords have a responsibility when it comes to keeping the rental property in good condition. There are certain conditions defined under the landlord-tenant law. The property maintenance laws can differ slightly from location to location but the basic landlord responsibilities stay the same.

Here are a Few Landlords’ Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Supplying proper trash receptacles is the landlord’s responsibility so that they have a proper place to dump the trash. The number and size of the trash bins should be according to the number of tenants living in the property.
  • Landlords are also required to provide running water. It is part of rental maintenance to make sure that there is a functioning shower, sink, and toilet. A functional water heater is also an important part of a rental property.
  • The maintenance responsibilities include complying with all the building codes. The smoke detectors, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be placed in the right place. They should also be maintained properly so they are functional. The landlords also have to pay the EPC cost in London and get the electrical and gas safety certificates to make sure that all the safety codes are fulfilled.
  • The repairs are part of the landlord’s maintenance responsibilities. If the damage is done by the tenants then you can charge them for the repairs but the responsibility of fixing the problem comes under the list of landlord’s responsibilities.

Tenant’s Responsibility in Property Maintenance:

  • Tenants understand that the property maintenance is the landlord’s responsibility but the tenants are also legally required to keep the property in good condition. Here are a few maintenance responsibilities that come under the heading of the tenant’s responsibilities.
  • Disposing of the garbage properly is an integral part of maintenance responsibilities. Letting it pile up can lead to serious health issues. If tenants do not fulfill their responsibility it will create unsanitary conditions.
  • The tenants are also responsible for keeping the emergency exits easily accessible. If the emergency exits are blocked then they can become a serious safety hazard. They should also avoid tampering with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • The housing and building codes are put in place for a reason. They make sure that maintenance responsibilities are fulfilled. The tenants need to follow the set codes so that the safety of the property is not compromised. Failing to follow the rules will lead to high utility bills and vulnerability to safety hazards.
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