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Major Bingo Variations Differences

Bingo sure is a simple game, but there are many different varieties and it get a little confusing. Don’t worry because we’re here to clear the air before you play at

There’s far too much choice, so we’re just going to be talking about the four key categories of Bingo that we think you are likely to come across! We will be explaining:

-          75 Ball Bingo

-          90 Ball Bingo

-          80 Ball Bingo

-          Speed Bingo

The Classics

To begin with, lets talk about the major bingo variety we are sure you have come across – 90 Ball Bingo. This variety is the most common form of bingo found in the UK by a long shot. With a whopping 90 balls in total, it’s by far the longest and in our opinion best form of bingo – there can be three winners in total, whilst still giving you the opportunity to go for the full house. The other major variation that you probably already know about is 75 Ball bingo. This variety is huge in America, and as the name suggests contains less overall balls – this means your card is smaller, and there are less opportunities to win. However, it would be rude to understate the cultural impact of 75 ball – the game itself may not be bigger and better, but the atmosphere and themes to the games are certainly a spectacle!

A Faster Experience

A third favorite of ours is 80 Ball bingo. As we already mentioned, 90 Ball can be a little bit too long sometimes, whereas 75 is often too short. We think 80 Ball bingo is a great option – it sits somewhere in the middle, and you will have just a 4x4 grid of numbers on your card, but four opportunities to win. Overall a solid choice – it sits nicely in the “just right” category. However, for some people these choices are all simply too slow-paced. Whilst personally we prefer to play bingo casually with friends and at a relaxed pace, there are many reasons why people would prefer a significantly alternative to bingo, for example:

-          Perhaps bingo is just a small section of your session plan, and you don’t want to get caught up in anything too long.

-          Maybe you have a busy day and just want to fit in a quick game

-          Perhaps you simply prefer a fast-paced gaming experience

This sounds like a job for Speed Bingo. It does what it says on the tin, with the average game lasting just three minutes – surely you can’t still be telling me you don’t have time for a cheeky game of bingo!

A Wide Selection of Classics

Overall, it should be pretty obvious that you’re not going to struggle when it comes to variety of bingo games. In 2021, online bingo is more popular than ever, and as a result we are seeing new types of bingo games pop up daily! We hope we’ve helped explain the most common bingo types – now go out there and explore some other varieties – you might just find your new favorite!

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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