Major Harms; May Face While Taking Pictures in Rain in Dubai


We as a whole are very much aware of this standard trademark "Don't content and drive" battles everywhere throughout the world that is the reason we ask for every one of the adherents, pursuers and drivers not to do message and drive in the meantime as it can occupy somebody's fixation from what is happening in environment and can adrift its way that might be caused to any setback. Additionally, we will exhort you that not to shot photos in the rain while you drive. Individuals are obsessed with making "Selfies". They do as such while keeping their back to the window and take a self-picture demonstrating that they are driving in rain. They don't comprehend what they are doing with their life as well as with the lives of other driving behind them.

Winter Season and its height these days

With the beginning of the winter season, a startle of rain was rested before 3 or 4 days prior in the UAE, the climate gauges state that such sporadic showers of rain can be seen completely shimmered down in nation time by time in the winter. Everybody realizes that police in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is now worried about the reality of street mishaps that could occur out and about in the coming winter months particularly because of the overrunning of cell phones while driving.

What penalty could be charged as fine and punish?

Abu Dhabi police have issued a notice letter for the vehicle drivers that not to take photos of the rain. Try not to damage the traffic rules and the individuals who get discovered doing as such will charge a punishment of AED 800 and four dark points on their permit. It will be viewed as an occupied driving on the off chance that you utilize a cell phone while driving.

There are conceivably two central matters about dealings of vehicle's petty criminal offence if that they get captured.

  • In Case if possessed a car

If an individual who possesses a vehicle get discovered defying the guidelines and laws then the punishment and discipline could be charged as examined above however his vehicle additionally ends or stopped for three months with a permit also.

  • In the scenario of the Car Rental Company

If it does happen that you are a visitor to Dubai and you are getting caught in Dubai and holding a car rental in Dubai. The question is how you are going to be treated; here is guide going to assist you about car hire in Dubai being caught by police just because you were taking ‘Selfies’ of scenic rain while driving in Dubai.
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First of all car hires are insured you no need to get bothered because you have paid an excess claim in case of damage to car rental companies in Dubai.