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Make 2019 the Year You Start Pursuing that Dream Online Job


Modern day technology is rapidly growing that sometimes we find ourselves struggling to keep up. As everything around us progresses, so does the problems it brings. Daily traffic jams are turning off commuters and drivers from their office jobs where they spend most of their time on the road stuck in a gridlock. As traffic worsens and public transportation stays complacent, a tired workforce starts imagining a different work set-up: working via the internet. Online jobs are starting to attract more and more curious about the convenience and flexibility they offer compared to a job in the corporate setting. And as the internet grows, boundaries broken, connections spread, more opportunities open up for remote work. And it goes both ways: for those looking for a full change from the 9 to 5 office hours and those just looking to earn a bit more money on the side. But whatever you choose, here are a few tricks and tips on how you can land that online job you’ve dreamed of in 2019.

Your portfolio matters

As working remotely becomes more accessible to a wider workforce, more and more are taking an interest. Expect some intense competition especially with the limited availability of certain positions. Your application process can range from a pleasant stroll to an all-out war so best to be ready with your armory. It’s also worth knowing that online jobs don’t normally go through a similar process of application as when recruiting employees as compared to the more traditional processes of the corporate landscape. Unlike the corporate setting, where you’ll be given a chance to show some skill and talent, online job recruitment is mostly about making a great first impression. And to do that, you’ll need an eye-catching resume complete with the necessary information, and of course, a killer portfolio. A portfolio shows the employer the scope of your talent and skill, and of course, your potential.

LinkedIn is your friend

LinkedIn is one of the vital sites you should be on especially if you’re looking for a job online. It even includes an Easy Apply button for those looking for a convenient way of being referred to employers faster. And because the whole point of LinkedIn is to connect companies and employees and even freelancers, the site even allows companies to contact you once your profile shows up in their search.

Apps actually help

Well, you don’t necessarily need to be an influencer to make money out of your apps. In fact, you can earn a pretty good sideline through certain apps. One such app, Callmart which states “Callmart: Make connections online. Earn money”, allows users to speak with their followers and consult with clients remotely. So you’ll never be bored again because your idle time becomes a goldmine of opportunities to make money. And getting it is as simple as downloading the app, creating a listing and answering calls, then Voila! You’re paid! And if the possibility does arise that you don’t want to take a particular call, there’s no need to. With Callmart, there’s no pressure and no commitments.

Freelance might be your jam

If you’ve got talent in writing, editing, graphic design, or in customer service, then freelance might just be for you. And with a growing freelance market, more and more opportunities are popping up. Sites like Upwork and Indeed are treasure troves for online jobs. You just need to search for the job or position you want and are qualified for, check whatever’s available and if their budget is within your range and choice. Do well enough and you’ll be sure to get repeat clients who’ll rehire you for projects again in the future, while some can even offer long-term employment.

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