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Make a Wise Bamboo Choice to Improve the Planet

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We all are responsible for the current situation of our planet. The global warming, dryness at some places and floods on others, hurricanes and cyclones, deforestation, pollution of the land and oceans – all these are problems that the mankind caused due to the wrong choices. The consequences of these wrong choices fall down upon us.

It is now our responsibility to save the planet and improve its situation, as this is our home. People usually think that the little things cannot make any difference, but they are wrong. Big changes start with small things. One such “little thing” that can lead to big changes is Bamboo. This unique and fast-growing plant can completely eliminate the need for cutting down the trees or use plastic. Bamboo items are eco-friendly, with zero waste and biodegradable, making them perfect for daily use.

Today, many companies understand the need for change and sustainable life, so they start to invest in eco-friendly materials. They encourage people around the world to choose these healthy and environment-safe alternatives, so that everyone take his/her part in improving our planet. Here is how your daily choice can make a big difference before it is too late. By doing small changes toward more sustainable life and encouraging others to do so, we contribute to finding the solution.

How Bamboo help us implement the three Rs?

The three Rs are recycle, reuse and reduce, which help us reach sustainability.


Recycle means that we need to choose only products that can be recycled and reused and avoid all those that cannot be reused. Choosing bamboo products from Boonboo and other sustainable companies is a great step toward recycling. Bamboo effectively biodegrades after using, leaving no waste or pollution. Therefore, as long as you choose to purchase bamboo cups, bottles, drinking straws, toothbrushes and more, you actually invest in recycling and in preventing plastic pollution. On the other hand, choosing Boonboo toilet paper, bamboo fencing and floors is a way to save forests and to prevent deforestation and all the consequences that follow. Moreover, using bamboo clothes and towels is a great alternative to the cotton ones, since the cotton production is limited.

Athing not to do is throwing away any electronic devices, such as broken smartphones, batteries or charger cables. Their throwing away will pollute the environment. However, if you handle them in the local store for recycling, the precious metals they contain could be used again for other products.


We need to learn to use some things again instead of throwing them. For example, the old towels may be cut up and used as paper towels of sponges. The empty jars could be used for food storage. Instead of throwing the plastic bags in the bin as soon as getting back from shopping, you can reuse them multiple times.

Another step toward reuse is buying second hand items. Many people are not aware that for clothes production great amount of water is required. For example, a pair of jeans requires about 10,000 liters of water. Imagine how many natural resources and people exploitation can be savedif you choose second-hand clothes, which are much more affordable than the new ones. The same applies for second-hand furniture.


This requires self-discipline and cutting down the items you buy. If you buy less or do not buy any unnecessary things and reduce your consumption, you will live a more sustainable life. Another great step is to go paperless. Whenever you can, reduce the use of paper bank letters, catalogues, receipts, etc. to save trees.

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