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Make An Impression With A Personalized Neon Bar Sign

Personalized neon signs can add a lot of personality to your business. They can make your place stand out from the crowd and look professional and stylish. Neon signs are relatively inexpensive to purchase compared to other advertising materials and are also quite simple to create yourself if you're feeling up to the task. However, even with the simplest design or color combination, your neon signs can be unique and still draw in customers. You can use neon lights to really draw people into your location.

One great idea for creating a custom neon sign for your business is to add some words to it. If you have a slogan or catch phrase related to your frequently used business, consider having it printed on one side of the neon sign and some information printed on the other side. For example, you could have your address and phone number on one side and a few words describing your business on the other side.

Creative With Your Neon Signs

If you want to get more creative with your neon signs, think about making them form letters. This may seem like a difficult task, but if you've ever had a real letterhead printed on a piece of paper, then you have some idea of what can be done. Use an old piece of paper to trace the shape of a door, windowsills, or any other surface you want to use for your signs. Then simply transfer those shapes over to your neon signs.

If you want to be more creative with your neon sign, you can find some great ideas by looking around online. Look for a picture that represents what you want your sign to say. Then take that picture to your nearest copy center and ask them for some ideas. Most companies can draw up a nice logo or graphic to help you with your project. The key is in being creative and not limiting yourself.

A Standard Business Sign.

A personal touch is what makes personalized neon signs so popular today. Your recipient will be able to remember you every time they see your sign. With such an easy way to make a statement, people are opting for more than just a standard business sign. They're getting one that they can use at home as well. If you can't think of anything you'd like to have on your own, why not have one customized?

When you use these signs at home, you can light them in the evenings or in the early morning hours when everyone is waking up. You can also display them near the front door when people are coming in to the house. Personalized neon signs can even be used as welcome mats at the front entrance of a house. All it takes is a little creativity to make them uniquely yours. You may even consider putting them on display at work as well.

Establishments Are Now Switching

Many retail establishments are now switching to LED flex displays and custom neon signs as part of their effort to increase sales. While there are no laws that prohibit them from doing this, some establishments have been sued by customers who got burned when the sign accidentally caught their fingers. It's a much safer alternative to placing a glass sign on top of a glass door or window, especially for businesses that serve alcohol. The potential for disaster is drastically less when there is a glowing LED display on either side. You also don't have to worry about accidental discharges because LED lights do not pollute.


Custom neon signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are clear signs that can be placed on top of existing windows or on the side of the building. Personalized neon bar signs and being eye-catching are also effective marketing tools because they allow you to customize the message displayed.

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