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Make the Most Out of the Extra Land in your Property!

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Having a huge property can be highly profitable! But in most cases, it often gets turned into a wasted place or an unwanted garden space full of untrimmed grasses or unruly weeds. This may have negative effects on your property (and its value) too. A wasted space outside your home always would really seem unpleasant to the onlookers, become a home of reptiles and can also be a cause of decreasing your home’s value when you put it in the market for sale.

It’s always wise to utilise this surplus space in your property in the best way possible. This can bring in lots of benefits for you. Though a certain investment is needed for this cause, but it will surely give you better returns in future. Apart from giving your home an impressive look, it’ll also help in getting good market rate of the property. Not to mention the fact that whatever you make in that extra space, you shall reap rewards as the resident by enjoying it!

The Extensions that’ll Enhance the Charm of your Property!

There are lots of ways to positively utilise your surplus space. Let’s read about some of them that can be highly beneficial for you:

  • Granny Flat — One of the best ways to make use of your extra space is by designing a granny flat in Fremantle by Transform Drafting service. They create and design the most suitable and amazing granny house for your property through their pronounced expertise and creative knowledge in the field. They make sure that the plan matches your budget, space and convenience well; and their testimonials prove that these designs are loved by the architects a lot. If you add in the granny flat in the outer area of the house, your teenage child wouldn’t have to rent out a place somewhere else when they want to move out Independently. Also, if there are elderly people at home who need some private space but in the vicinity of the family, they can occupy the same too. Since it includes all the basic facilities like a kitchen, washroom, etc, it can make a good little home for them. Apart from this, a granny flat can be used as a guest room, or be rented out to a paying guest too. And if this is built with really charming exteriors, the onlookers would love to get inspired by it.
  • A garden — In most of the houses, the surplus land is generally turned into a garden. (almost!) But quite an unwanted and unpleasant one if unkempt! You can get that space beautifully landscaped and create a wonderful haven for relaxing. By proper trimmed plants, lots of flowery bushes, nice beds for organised gardening, it would turn out to be the most charming space of your home. You can also add some swings and slides for the kids and allot a small place as kids’ play area there. This will provide the much-needed dose of greenery to your family (not to mention the fact that it will add to the beauty of the property!) It would no doubt enhance the curb appeal of your home manifold.
  • Carport —An extremely wise and useful idea to use your vacant space better is to build a carport. A carport is an open space most suitably built for parking of cars. But you can utilise the same for other things -- like hosting a barbecue party under its shed, relaxing in an open space, etc. This addition of a carport occupies just a small amount of space outside your house (you can build a bigger one if you want), but guarantees a safer place for your automobile. It also adds in a touch of luxury to your home. And guess what, the recent trend shows a rise in preferences for a carport as compared to a garage! Which means an increase in the property’s value when it has a carport.
  • Swimming pool — A swimming pool built at your property would make it a luxurious one to live in. I’m sure you’d love this addition the most. As it is, your land was vacant; adding a pool on it can be an amazing decision. Even your kids and other family members would die to have some fun in the summer months. Not to mention the high resale value you’d be getting because of it – especially if your property is located at a place with warmer climatic conditions. And you can host a pool party now and become an all-time favourite of your friends too!

These ideas are enough to reform any kind of home into a dream home! And you don’t even have to buy an extra space for any of these. Just some creative ideas and execution – and you are ready to glorify the waste land of your property into useful and beautiful extensions!

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