Make Wikipedia Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

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Are you going to create a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t include Wikipedia, if it still doesn’t then it’s the time that you need to give a second thought to your marketing strategies? The expert marketers have been putting to practice Wikipedia as a part of the marketing campaign and for years have earned several benefits arising from it.

When it’s the question of marketing, Wikipedia has its iron fist. It’s not like the traditional social media, a new platform or a business listing website. The writing tone of Wikipedia is different from any other, and anyone can make contributions to the information provided. This leads to disagreement from many professionals since they neglect Wikipedia when it’s the question of marketing. Though Wikipedia is the iron tool for marketing when steered in the right manner.

How can you guide through?

Creating a Wikipedia page is among the best ways to include the website in your marketing campaign. A Wikipedia page will be the first displayed result in the searches and also strike the Google knowledge graph well.

The eligibility for Wikipedia page


This is the real question that several among us need to ask themselves upon reading so far. It’s also highly crucial when it’s about considering Wikipedia Experts for hire to make Wikipedia as a part of your marketing strategy. You need to be notable as per the guidelines of the website to create a page. In general, the notability criteria can give a gateway to the Wikipedia editors to have their topic permits their page in the Wikipedia.

Here are the thick and thin about the notability

Wikipedia states; if the subject has earned a significant coverage in the reliable media sources that are neutral of the subject, it is considered to appropriate for the article that standalone.  The interprets that the subject should have the reference that satisfies all the three standards, that are potential coverage, reliability of sources and independent coverage if yes then you can easily qualify for the Wikipedia page.

Potential coverage means that the subject should be covered in depth in the national media sources. Short coverage, quotations, and merely adding backlinks might not make you eligible as being notable. So if you say the reliable sources, Wikipedia becomes stricter. As per the standards of Wikipedia, a reliable source is the one that is well accepted for the accuracy and fact evaluation. Though editors might not always get along with what qualifies for this guideline

The causes that are once reliable modify based on the subject and can range from the magazines to research papers and journals in terms of medical topics. If it’s to write what sources are reliable, it will take days to write about, and it’s better to start learning from the Wikipedia guidelines regarding the causes. If you still have confusion, then you can also ask on the talk page if the specific sources qualify.

The final thorn of the notability guidelines deals with independence. A reference needs to be independent of the topic that means it might not be self-published or related to the subject. Any press release, official websites and social media postings are not separate and hence is the not the right material for the notability.

Backlinks from Wikipedia

Backlinks from Wikipedia are some of the most sought in the digital world. However, why are the Wikipedia backlinks are no following?

It’s true that they; however, they still carry value. No, follow links can lead to a better brand presence and also create a link diversity. It’s a truth that Wikipedia pages rank high in search, and here is what can be called a boomerang effect where links within the critical hub of knowledge and show of more value from the Google irrespective of being no-followed. But the difficulty is the links are difficult to use. There might be the chance that the connection you would like to add may not be reliable and comply with the Wikipedia standards and eventually, it is more challenging  than it’s worth

There are several articles online that offer advice on how to create backlink; however, they might lead you right to getting the link taken down from Wikipedia, and you might be sent to a blacklist. The reason, to include the topic is because despite the advice, you might do it anyway and if you are attempting to keep in mind the following tips.

Not to straightaway spam your link to the external section of the page. It needs to be in the context of the subject. The link should contain information that is related to the content. The links should be citations and not anchor text or directory links. Place links from the reliable sources and make sure they are not placed in the citation needed tag otherwise it will get worst

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