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Make your Hotel Top the Popularity Chart with Magnificent Maintenance!

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In your hotel business, you have to be the pioneers of hospitality to attract maximum guests from across the globe! Your hospitality, service, along with the manner in which you maintain your hotel – all cumulatively become the representative of your brand’s name, fame and goodwill. Thus, maintaining the same, and trying to be better in it, is necessary.

Lots of factors add up to the term hospitality! From well trained staff to the rooms you offer, from the taste of the food to the cleanliness of the lobbies, all these factors become prominent factors in getting your hotel the fame it deserves. That is each and every minute details should be taken care of with utmost care, even the finer points like curb appeal, laundromat services, safe parking facilities and carpet cleaning in Fremantle are important for you to become a trusted name in the hotel industry!

Steps to make sure your hospitality at its best!

Running a full-fledged working hotel and keeping all the guests happy at the same time isn’t a joke! You have to deal with hundreds of staff and make sure they are all working properly to keep your business running at its desired pace. To enhance your hotel’s reputation, take into consideration these following factors well:

  • Cleanliness — The very basic but the most influential feature of your hotel is its cleanliness. You can get lots of good reviews if your hotel looks spic and span. And you just can’t imagine how low the ratings can fall if you shoe any slipshodness in the department of cleanliness. Hire lots of help to take care of the housekeeping adequately so as to maintain the standards of business. Make sure your housekeeping staff clean every nook and corner daily, change the sheets, towels and other linen as and when required. And don’t forget or overlook the carpets! Can you even imagine the embarrassment of a smelly carpet that makes your room’s standards drop! Opt for a good carpet cleaning services in Perth WA. Carpet cleaning for Perth is a reliable company that provides the best cleaning solution for your domestic and commercial needs. They offer a great range of services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, etc. that can make your work lot easier and your hotel look spic and span, and always ready for booming business.
  • Presentation — A proper presentation attracts lots of guests at any hotel. The more pleasant your hotel and its interior are, the more attention you’ll be getting. Get the best of the furnishings and show pieces to make sure the place looks delightful. You can also add in some elements of nature like a good gardening space, beautiful vases with fresh foliage, and attractive paintings. Also, pay special attention to your lobby sofa sets, reception tables – nothing should be drab, torn or shabby. This would ensure that the ratings of your hotel do not drop. Oh and don’t forget a welcoming foyer décor – remember that is the first place your guests shall step in to, and the first impression is a (very long) lasting impression.
  • Staff Appearance and Approach — Your staff is an important part of your hotel, and thus their appearance counts a lot. Design a good, attractive yet decent uniform for them; appoint a manager who can groom them about appearance as well as conduct around guests (or even in the professional sphere as a whole). Train your staff well so that they can be a pleasant and efficient presence in your workspace providing comfort and congeniality to your clients.
  • Delightful Restaurant— A good working restaurant can be a vital part of your restaurant. Whether your guests are touring the city all day or slogging hard at work, they would probably appreciate a hearty breakfast to begin the day and a sumptuous dinner after a long day out. An in-house restaurant always makes your stand better.
  • Entertainment Area — All work and no play would make your hotel a dull place to stay. Make sure you take care of entertaining your guests as well. Guests always need something to keep them hooked while they stay at your place. There can be loads of indoor and outdoor games – a poolside can be a great addition if you have the space, some board games or books at the lobby would add a homely touch.
  • Kids’ Attractions — Parents can relax only when the kids are having fun. You can add kid’s entertainment solutions like slides, swings, baby pool, etc. – but make sure of safety. Some small toy and colouring book with a couple of crayons could be a great welcome gift to a family with a toddler.

By checking in all these factors and perfecting them, I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of love and good ratings from your guests! And nothing brings more business than a few genuine good words of appreciation from clients.

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