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Make Your Job Much More Tolerable ... Maybe Even Enjoyable

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Do you love your job? There's a good chance that you don't. If that's the case, there's also a good chance that you dread clocking in every day. Maybe you've, on more than one occasion, awakened with the urge to run away and start a new life. Whatever your job is, it doesn't have to be terrible. Even if you don't like the actual work, you may be able to make your work environment a pleasant place to be. Whatever your job, there are ways to find some enjoyment during your workday, or at least make it more tolerable.

Develop Friendships With Co-Workers

Working with friends can make even the worst workday much more bearable than working with mere acquaintances. Work on developing friendships with your co-workers. Meeting up for fun outside of work can help you get to know one another on a more personal level. After a while, everyone will probably notice a difference in morale, teamwork and productivity.

Join a Workplace Team or Club

If you're lucky, your workplace already has a couple of teams or clubs available simply for the staff's enjoyment. Maybe it's a softball team or a book club. Grab that Rawlings ball and glove or your favorite book and get to know some of your colleagues outside of work. If you have an interest that isn't yet in club form, find some co-workers with the same interest and start a club of your own.

Challenge Yourself

One way to quickly get bored is to keep work dull and unchallenging. By challenging yourself, you're stepping out of your comfort zone, learning new skills, exercising your brain. Always look for opportunities to raise your own bar.

Reward Yourself 

Be sure to reward yourself whenever you feel accomplished, even if you think it's a small obstacle you've overcome. When you leave work, treat yourself to a tasty dinner or even something as simple as a relaxing, hot bubble bath.

Change Up Your Environment

Varying your location during the workday can make a huge difference in your mood and productivity. If you can, work in a different place for a while each day to change scenery. For instance, take your laptop to a common area or look over some paperwork outside.

Perform the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique has increasingly gained popularity in the last couple of years. The main objective is to enhance productivity by working in short bursts and taking short breaks. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work the entire time, avoiding as many distractions (e.g., email and social media notifications) as possible. When the timer goes off, take a short break (five minutes or so) to refresh. Then, begin the process again. Remember to also take a couple of longer breaks throughout the day, including time for lunch.

Make Your Workspace Yours

You probably feel as if the office is your second home, so you might as well give it a personal touch. You might put up some photos of your family and show off your child's latest masterpiece. Keep some meaningful trinkets on your desk, and maybe some fresh flowers.

Take Walks

Using at least one of your breaks for an outdoor walk can make a world of difference in your day. Catching some rays in the fresh air with as little as a five- or 10-minute stroll can rejuvenate you more than you might realize. You'll probably feel energized enough to power through the remainder of your day. A walk is especially beneficial during the "midday slump" when your body is begging for a nap.


Mindful meditation is a unique type of meditation that you can do wherever you are; you don't even have to be sitting still. As long as you're doing something that doesn't require much thought (e.g., repetitive tasks, such as washing dishes), you can practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about being only in the present. At this moment, the past and future don't matter. Just live in the moment and limit your thoughts to your senses and what's going on around you. If you're sitting at your desk, breathe deeply while paying attention to the sounds of the office goings-on. Feel the cool breeze from the air conditioning, notice the smell of the printer ink and enjoy the taste of the candy on which you're snacking.

Leave Work at Work

When you leave work, leave work at work. Make up your mind that when you drive out of that parking lot, you're finished thinking work thoughts for the rest of the evening. You can pick them back up tomorrow morning.

Be Grateful

Sadly, these days, many people are unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. Even if your job isn't meaningful to you or something you enjoy, merely having an income is a huge reason to be grateful. Additionally, you may find yourself thankful for workplace friends, a job you don't hate or a tolerable boss.


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