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Make Your Linkedin Page Popular by Using Smart Tactics

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If you are on LinkedIn, then it probably means that you are in it for a long period. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is more professional for those who are focusing only on their careers or business. The audience there is slightly different. More focussed and result oriented, depending on which side they are on. While the results may not happen overnight, it requires consistency and the right approach in the long term irrespective of the fact the many users buy LinkedIn followers initially to gain that critical thrust in momentum.

Setting a content target at the outset is important as it will provide a roadmap to what you want to achieve in the long run. A good and successful content increases engagement with other LinkedIn members and the good thing is that one can track their engagement progress from the analytics provided by LinkedIn. Regular consistent posting will keep others engaged. Apart from textual contents, you can post videos on your page and make it stand out. The audience responds to video content more than textual contents and it is seen from  LinkedIn research that members tend to share video content more than blog posts. One can also share or post PowerPoint, PDF, or Word documents.

The Content Rules

For every content for your core business activity, keep an update along with four contents from different sources. This 4-1-1 rule helps to keep your audience retention as only focusing on your business can become monotonous.

It is not always necessary to post fresh content all the time. One can also repost blogs, eBooks, infographics, and links to a webinar to keep the audience hooked to your page. Also, ensure to reshare from time to time your top followed post in case anyone missed out earlier.

Social media means one has to be social by definition and this includes positively responding to members' comments on the posts. Engaging with members helps to build a positive and responsible image of the brand.

#Hashtags and CTA

Using hashtags helps members to search for a post of interest easily. Many users take advantage of hashtags and look for similar posts. People are generally interested in topics similar to posts they have liked earlier.   Hashtags also help in joining trending conversations. On LinkedIn, members search for hashtag links to find similar posts. Using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts helps members discover and join relevant conversations, and helps you appear in a customized feed to a relevant audience. Using CTA buttons for inviting members for a response also helps the growth of the company's engagement.

Analyze your Page performance

It is important to note how your LinkedIn account is performing. Without knowing the indicators, it will be difficult to judge and take corrective actions. Taking the help of LinkedIn page insight, one can study the metrics and understand as to which content is working or not working.
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