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Make your sports club grow- An Ultimate guide:

One of the biggest problems coaches in the sports club has to contend with is finding motivation and imparting it to players. A coach knows that it is never possible to make a player perform in the field unless he is indoctrinated some basic principles of sportsmanship. This is the reason, we often see coaches giving their time and investing their own money in the team to get something in return. However, sometimes nothing works as expected. Below are some tips for coaches who want to make their club grow and educate avid players to play with motivation

1.      Add three V’s to your club’s operation:

A club that works successfully and train its players in all the possible ways never ignore these three V’s:

i.                 Viable:

The person who runs the club knows that it is not possible to operate without fundraising. At times, there is a lot of financial pressure that hinders the players of the club to perform well. So, a club should try to diversify its source of income

ii.                Visible:

The club must be visible. When a club is visibly seen and heard, it is likely to reach out to all the people who value the sportsmanship

iii.               Vibrant:

A sports club has to be active by organizing sports events now and then and making its players participate in various events organized by other clubs. People like to be the part of a club that is vibrant and active

2.      Give appropriate training:

Many sports clubs are completely based on the skills and personal interests of the players. They tend to polish those players who are inherited with the talent and interest. However, players need training regardless of the talent. If you want to boost the performance of your players by giving them training, Culture Framework- Performance by Design.  

Many people have got used to exercising more informally, often with family and friends, so may be less likely to go back to take part in more organised sport.  While many people have expressed an increased in volunteering and playing a role in their local communities, too many clubs hibernated during the lockdown and may not be first on people’s minds when it comes to finding a place to volunteer.

3.      Bring innovation:

Innovation is as important for every person as oxygen to life. If you lack innovation, you will never be able to keep the interest of your players intact. Try to add different training programs to your routine or start different competitions to keep the liveliness in the players intact. To promote innovation, you can ask your players to give feedback and tell how they want something to be done differently or what suggestions would they like to give to promote innovation

4.      Set targets:

Most of the clubs these days are making mistake by not setting targets. Members of the club don’t know what they want to achieve. Additionally, setting the target is extremely important for generating more revenue. For this, you should first know your starting point and then know where you want to see yourself after 6 months or a year.

The bottom line:

Members of the club form a community in which everyone performs to achieve a common goal. It is the job of the club owners to develop a sense of community so that club members work in coordination to make their club successfully

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