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Making a Living Offering Clipping Path Service

There are so many things you can do to make a living. You can have a day job working in some office nine to five. Or you can work in some other business that doesn’t have typical office environment but offers a full-time job. Such jobs can be in the retail shops, construction business, delivery services and many more. If you are an entrepreneur, you can always have your own business. Once such demanding yet lucrative business is clipping path business where you can offer your services to people who need them.

Getting Started with Clipping Path

Just like any other jobs or business, there is a learning curve here working with clipping path. You just don’t get up from bed in one morning and think it’s a good day to start a clipping path business. You can’t expect to start getting clients and good business volume in one day.

Forst of all, you need to know how to offer the service. You need to be very familiar with the service itself. You need to know inside out of the photoshop clipping path. There are so many things in the photoshop commercial photo editing business that just by learning clipping path or how to clip an image will not get you anywhere in this business. You will need to learn pretty much all there is when it comes to commercial photo editing. You will need to learn how to edit ghost mannequin images, how to remove backgrounds form product images, how to do masking or use airbrush for fine editing. One you are familiar with inside out of commercial photo editing, you can consider starting your business.

Taking the First Step

You need to first figure out where you will be working on your own as a freelancer offering your clipping path services to clients on the online job board or you will run a full-scale clipping path studio offering your services to international clients. These clients can include commercial photography studios, eCommerce companies, advertising or marketing agencies and so on.

Working solo as a freelancer is easier as you pretty much need just your knowledge, a computer or laptop and internet connection. As you can see, barrier to entry working as a freelancer is bare minimum. Just setup a few accounts in the online job boards and build your profile. It is the profile that will make or break the deal. Clients will like to see and make sure you are qualified for the job before they hire you.

It takes time to build your profile on the job boards. You will need to get a few jobs and some good feedback to have a good profile. Just filling out the profile details will not cut it. You do whatever you need to do to build your profile and get those precious reviews. One good trick is to offer your services at a low cost, practically for free. Just bod on a few projects for pennies to get the jobs. Of everyone is asking for $1 for example, you bod for $0.25 cents or twenty-five cents. Tell the client in your reply email that you are new and building your profile. Temm them that you are looking for an opportunity which is why you are offering your services for such low cost. Someone will hire you since the price is so low. Your objective is not to make any money form the jobs but to get reviews. Once you do a few jobs like these and get some good reviews, you will have no problem finding jobs anymore.

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