Smart Ways to Help Your Beauty Salon Stand Out

Commercial Awnings

If you are a beauty professional who owns a spa or salon, you will need to focus on making it a welcoming, relaxing and luxurious space for your clients. A drab ambience will not attract them to your salon; they might not turn up for a second visit. You can be certain that your salon is going to be judged based on the appearance of its exterior and the interior, before anything else. Read this post to learn how to smarten the indoor environment and outer appearance of your salon to make it more appealing to customers.

Elements That will Make Your Parlour More Appealing

According to the Harris Interactive Customer Experience Impact Report,

  • About 86% of customers tend to pay more for a better experience
  • Around 89% stops doing business after a bad experience and chooses a competitor

When clients visit your beauty salon, they have certain expectations from it. Along with choosing the business model, exploring partnerships, creating a business plan and financing, the décor is a factor, that will be a majorly important factor in determining the success of your business in the beauty industry.

How do you do it?

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With moderate temperature, the right decor and accessories, lighting and good music of course. But you have to keep the utility bills in mind too and this is where functional elements like lounge sofas, window awnings and other exterior and interior decorations come into play.

Salon Decorating Ideas

Here are a few decorating do’s and don’ts to help your beauty salon stand out.

Focus on Your Clientele

Your customer experience is what makes or breaks your salon business. In the constantly changing customer service levels of the beauty industry, you need to come up with new and imaginative ways to improve the overall experience of the customer. The secret to a successful salon is to focus on your ideal customer and then offer the services and ambience accordingly.

Here’s an example. Are you focusing on the upmarket clients? Then choosing marble counters and chandeliers for your interiors will work wonders. Is your client base interested in health and well-being? A serene environment combined with relaxing water features is perfect for those relaxing massage treatments.

Focus on the Exterior

The exterior of your salon is the first thing a visitor will notice. Having a colourful and attractive outer look is therefore of utmost importance. Having well-polished or glass doors, and some residential or commercial awnings on your door or windows can be a great way to draw attention from the customers. The awnings provide a creative layout and are a great way to even promote brand awareness with a specially designed one. In inclement weather, they provide protection from the rain and snow, and in hot summer days, increases the energy efficiency of your parlour by reducing the temperature by 5-8 °C.

You can avail the benefits of modern motorized retractable awnings as they offer unmatched convenience and gives an impression that your business is updated with the latest technological advancements as well.

Choose a Theme for the Interiors

The theme and the furniture need to go hand-in-hand with the taste of your clientele. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Bold colours for a bright and beautiful salon
  2. For a barbershop-like ambience, go for the more traditional setup, with rustic hardware and cherry wood finish
  3. Marble and beautiful ceramics as the clean lines for attracting the upmarket clients
  4. Large mirrors and oversized lights, if your salon has a high ceiling, for a dramatic look combined with a sash or drapes on the wall

The beauty industry, being ever-changing, provides a lot of scope for showing off your creative side. So, do not shy away from using unconventional methods to style your business place. With a bit of imagination, even your old equipment can appear brand new. In the end, it all comes down to how capable you are in impressing your customers and draw them in.