Malaysian Virgin Hair VS Human Brazilian Hair, Which Is Better


Do you ever confuse about selecting a hair type either Malaysian virgin hair or human Brazilian hair? Don't fret. We are distinguishing among them. First, clear in mind both hairs are renowned. We are explaining the difference so that you can easily pick one according to your priorities. So, let's get straight to the point.

About Malaysian Virgin Hair

The main thing that comes to mind that the hair being purchased contains which type of quality. Will it be able to mimic the natural hair or is it so obvious to guess that these are not natural hair. Stay there, we talk about its features not just told you that it came from Malaysia.

Malaysian virgin hair not only looks soft, but it feels soft too. Also, it has a beautiful shininess, that ranges from medium to low luster. It means it will not be extra shiny that gives it a realistic touch.

Thicker hair strands give your head a wiggy look, that no one wants to have. Good for you, Malaysian virgin hair has thinner hair strands among other hair types, although it is virgin hair from Malaysia.

Malaysian virgin hair has the natural beautiful slight yet big wave. It is a plus point for you because you can go out without doing heat styling to it. It means you have a chance that your hair lasts longer. And If you curl or wave Malaysian hair, the hairstyle will last longer.

Its texture is so good to blend in any hair texture and hair type. That is also an advantage because you do not need to spend much time finding a texture that suits you best.

Malaysian virgin hair has great volume. So, you do not need to apply much hair to your head. Also, it is perfect for making various hairstyles beautifully.

Malaysian virgin hair has a great density and usually said, it blends well in medium to coarse hair texture. It means Malaysian hair is best to blend in American African women's hair texture and other alike hair textures.

One more thing to notice, Malaysian virgin hair comes in limited hair colors like black and dark brown.

About Human Brazilian Hair

Human Brazilian hair collected from Brazilian living in different regions. That is why characteristics differ a little. But you do not need to trouble. We are explaining the general features of human Brazilian hair. So that you can know how the hair will look on your head.

Human Brazilian hair has a glossy shine and a beautiful natural texture. That luster is not extreme. It gives you realistic-looking hair.

Not only it has luster, but human Brazilian hair is also soft when you check it by touching or seeing it. That shine and softness really contribute to your appearance.

Human Brazilian hair contains volume and is thick and durable. Some people say that it might feel a little heavy.

But here is a plus point, you do not need to apply many bundles to cover your head. So, this problem can be encountered by avoiding installing fewer bundles. Actually, you do not need many bundles.

Human Brazilian hair has a coarse texture that finely mixes up in hair types of African-American women. Its mixing-up quality is as good as Malaysian virgin hair's.

Some people may question that if it is heavy and holds volume, does it get frizzy? The answer is no. You can enjoy frizz-free hair while having desired hairstyles.

Human Brazilian hair comes in different colors like copper, black and brown. You can easily select the one according to your needs and liking.

Malaysian Virgin Hair & Human Brazilian Hair, Which Is Better

Here is a quick difference between Malaysian and Brazilian hair.

Both hairs are versatile. Brazilian hair is soft and best for making curly hairstyles. On the other hand, Malaysian hair is fine and flexible enough to hold curly and wavy hairstyles very well.

Also, if you want coarse and thick hair, human Brazilian hair is the best choice. In contrast, if you want wavy and soft hair, Malaysian virgin hair is best for you.

You can pick one hair according to your preference. Both options are great and available to you. Read ahead, we will tell you about some great hair of both kinds, Malaysian virgin hair and human Brazilian hair.

4. Malaysian Virgin Hair Bundles with Closure

If you purchase Malaysian virgin hair bundles, we suggest purchasing closure or frontal with it. Because for a complete appearance, bundles with closure or frontal are often needed to make a complete product together.

The lace area of the frontal will be more than that of the closure, so it can be more convenient when sew-in. Lace Frontal included:13*4, 13*6.

If Malaysian virgin hair sew-in with lace frontal in natural hair, it gives more natural results, a realistic hairline, and hair lay flat on the head. There will not require it to correct again and again.

5. Human Brazilian Hair Bundles with Frontal

Similar to Malaysian virgin hair, it is good to install human Brazilian hair with frontal. It will give you a more realistic look while giving you a natural hairline and partition line after install. It looks so flawless on the head. You can pick the lace color and length of bundles as you want.

Where Can Purchase the Best Brazilian & Malaysian Hair Bundles

It is great to buy Malaysian virgin hair bundles with closure and human Brazilian hair bundles with frontal and installing them by the sew-in method. It will give you impeccable results and you will feel comfortable.

But for this, you need to have super hair from a trusted brand so that your money will be saved, and installed hair lasts longer. Ula Hair is an amazing online fashion wig store holding the trust of thousands of customers. It encourages one to shop from Ula Hair to quality products.

Brazilian and Malaysian hair, both have their own features that urge someone to pick the one among them. Now, you have read the difference above then go and shop confidently.

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