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Where Does A Man Apply Cologne?

Where Does A Man Apply Cologne?

As much as you need to know about the buying of colognes you also need to educate yourself how and where to apply the cologne.

Many times people ask why their scents are not lasting long, and they need to spray after every few hours the primary reason behind it is they are not applying the cologne correctly. Even after purchasing an expensive one, they make widespread mistakes of weakening the molecules of perfumes or are not wearing it in the right place. Whatever mistake you are making, every man must know how they can apply the cologne correctly as well as some tips which will improve the life and duration of spray.

Here is a complete guide for you, in which you will learn where to put the cologne and why. As well as the best way to apply it and some tips which will help in long-lasting fragrance as well as some familiar mistakes which you need to avoid to get the full results and smell of your cologne.

What are the ideal areas of applying the cologne?

The ideal places to wear cologne is those areas which are either get heated with body temperature or gets in contact with the others. Apply the right amount of cologne helps you get correct results as well as long-lasting fragrance.

You must also know which are the hot areas of the body; the answer is simple those regions which have more and frequent sweating are the hot areas of your body. They have active sweat glands, and that is why it needs to get the cologne applied so that the other will feel the fragrance.

Heat areas of our body:

•    Lower jaws

•    Neck

•    Shoulder

•    Chest

•    Inner elbows

•    Forearm and wrist

How to apply cologne, the right way of doing it:

Now since we know what the areas of using cologne are, we must also know how to apply it:

•    First of all, remember that less is more. You should not apply too much cologne as not each spray is absorbed by the body and most of it goes in the air. That is why to use less amount but in the right place.

•    Start with the one spray first and let it dries. This method helps the body to absorb as much cologne as it can, and while it dries, it will create a layer of the cologne as well. Now if you need a long-lasting fragrance for many hours you can repeat the process with the second spray which will provide the results.

•    It is also essential to know that you have to apply the cologne on your skin and not on your clothes. It is a common mistake which is done by many people, and they don’t get the desired results. The clothes fabric are not made to absorb the smell, when you apply the cologne on the clothes and go out, it immediately evaporates in the air, and the minimal effect is left on the clothes that are why you don’t get lasting results and blame the cologne for it.

You must apply it directly to the body which will absorb it and provide you desired results.

•    Walking in a spray cloud is a total waste of the product, and it doesn’t feel and looks good too. It can become a problem for the people around you especially for those who have allergies and are sensitive to the strong smells. Secondly, it will also harm your body and creates an uncomfortable feeling for others too.

•    Don’t rub the scent:

You might have seen or done it many times, rubbing the cologne of your wrist and body but here is bad news for you. Rubbing it makes the molecules of the perfume weaker, and it reduces the lasting period too. That is why doing rub it, just gently apply and let it dry.

•    Spray on dry skin:

Many times we come out of the shower and use the cologne but is not a right thing to do as it decreases the performance and with every dripping water drop it comes out from the body too. That is why make sure that your body is dry even after a shower let your skin dry with a towel and then apply your favorite cologne.

•    Apply to with right distance:

Too near or too far spraying has an essential role in the results that is why always applying the perfume 3 to 6 inches away from your body. It reduces not only the wasting of cologne but also your skin absorbs as much as it can

•    Apply the fragrance to the heat areas of your body:

As mentioned above, the best results of cologne are got when it is sprayed on the heat areas of your body.

•    Respray when it is required:

If you are experiencing the faded fragrance and think that you need more, it is an excellent time to respray your cologne. It will not only make you feel fresh and confident but also it will improve more hours of your scent.


If you are investing in good quality and expensive colognes, you must also know how to get most out of them with these tips and method of using.

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