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MAN OF THE HOUR: Sales Objection and How to Deal With It

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Do you consider sales objections to be wrong? Do you get upset about the whole problem? Many sellers view complaints as if they are in an unfriendly tennis match: you lob the prospect on the wall, and the rep hits them right back — or even worse, you rush the fence and spikes the ball. This is an article prepared by sales coach expert: Jeremy Miner, of 7thlevelHq.


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But complaints are not always easy to deal with and seldom if ever convenient.


Objections usually come out as you want to take a prospect or when you are attempting at some stage in the negotiation cycle to strike an agreement up to and including the closing of negotiation. 


It doesn't matter when they come up; it matters to your perspective and your reaction. The key is to unwind and see these objections as a chance to practice objection handling and not as an obstacle.


Benefits of Objections


Let's dig into each of the key benefits a little deeper.

  • Take advantage of interaction.


Some of the complaints at the prospecting point are knee jerk or automatic on the purchaser's hand. The mere fact that they respond allows you to address that objection and engage in a real conversation if you are ready.


When you get through the selling cycle, protests become more relevant and represent what the buyer thinks. If some aspects of the situation are not apparent, you can adapt, adjust, and overcome them. 


But at the end of the day, when the price is typically the problem, you will benefit from the fact that the prospects are completely involved.


  • Add facts, data, and value.


Take an opportunity for a more in-depth and more meaningful discussion with an argument. 


After all, buyers ask a question and need clarification. It gives you a sense of what they are going to do and provides new data or information that add value.


Objections are the chance to agree with the client, work together, and move forward.

  • Qualifying and disqualifying.


Objections are an excellent way to qualify prospects so that you don't waste time volleying balls of opposition with someone who never passes a check on the net. 


Indeed, if your near partnership with eligible prospects drops below 50%, your chances are more violent. Naturally, you will replace these disqualified prospects with a steady stream of new opportunities, but that will be your time.


Start using these vital advantages, and not only do you respond better to objections but also realize your full potential in moving the business forward.


Dealing With Objection


Here are some tips to help you perform proper objection handling.

  • Listen carefully.


Here, after knowing the objection itself, the seller would benefit from seeking to satisfy it. Moreover, merely listening to the customer feeds the ego of the consumer, and the protest is deflated, just like a ball shrink when the air is flowing.


Thus, a good salesperson will never bother the customer who, with a short response, poses an objection. Interrupting will flame up the protest and make the work of the salesman harder.

  • Cover the jolt.


And after the complaint was deflated by listening, the issue remains to eliminate the charge without offense. The coating technique consists of moving a "cushion" in order to make the jolt visible.


For example, his view of a neutral third party may be put between the light of the consumer and the conflicting view of the salesman himself. This "other people's" coil can also be added by commenting on "You 're right." 

  • Anticipation


The most effective way of responding to objections is to anticipate and reply before the customer can provide the answers to the sales conference. The seller should not just allow things to happen. Instead, he should expect and answer it before it becomes an objection. It is the work of a well-planned lecture.


Such a presentation will cover all but the specific challenges to be addressed and whether they occur. The outstanding selling points of the goods and the everyday objects that may arise should, therefore, be evaluated, and the answer integrated into the daily selling discussion.


This means that the purchasing decision integrates all the most important details, many concerns arise because of inaccurate sales talks. A reckless mistake or a lousy selling interaction attracts complaints. Careful preparation of the sales conversation will reduce the number of objections.

  • Deterrence of protests.


Another successful approach is to prevent complaints by avoiding errors made by sellers by taking certain precautions in the sales report. For example, the customer should not be irritated when trying to make him know the need for the product of the salesman.


For example, salespeople who sell new office equipment should not irritate the customer by creating the impression that the customer is outdated. Again, the seller often hurts the customer by speaking and not allowing the customer to talk.



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Before founding 7th Level Communications, Jeremy co-founded and served as Chief Sales Officer of an online education start-up that he took from zero to $37M in revenue the first year. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales at Wealth Masters International, a provider of personal finance training and educational products. With responsibility for recruiting and training the worldwide sales organization, he increased annual revenue from $12 Million to $75 Millions in three years. Prior to Wealth Masters, Jeremy was Vice President of Sales and the top individual salesperson at Life Path Unlimited. His sales expertise helped propel this personal development training and education company from start-up to a market leader with $55 Million in annual revenue in only two years. Formerly, he was the top salesperson at Liberty League International in the same industry niche, where he was instrumental in the company setting new industry records for sales revenue.

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