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Management of the mining sector at the National Level

Management of the mining sector

According to the latest industry reports, the metallurgical mining sector is one of the most important hopes of the development and consolidation of any country. Current production grows sustainably and there are projects in preparation at various levels that presages the replacement and growth of this activity in the short term.

These data indicate that the evolution of metallic mining production presents an upward trend in a continuous manner, remaining stable in recent years.

As for the immediate future of Mining company everything suggests that the upward progression continues, because despite the stagnation of the prices of metal prices, the start of production of the mining projects will result in an increase in the salable production.

The environmental and pollution problems that mainly affect the people, who live in the vicinity of mining deposits and companies, are varied and impact from different fronts.

Damage to Land:

Where it has been estimated that "the use of land for mining use between 1976 and 2000 is 37,000 km2; this is about 0.2% of the entire land surface (...) The degree of recovery of these lands is increasing and many old holes have been used to dump waste from old or domestic mines

Release of toxic substances:

They are also an necessary part of our usual world and other living organisms (...) In the natural environment excesses can be generated by drains of water from mines, dismantling or mining tailings

Acid mine drainage:

which causes acid waters "generated by current or past mining results from the oxidation of sulfide minerals mainly pyrite in the presence of air, water and bacteria (...) This water can come from three main sources: mine drainage systems, Tailing and clearing dams "

Health and safety of staff:

This dust kills you", as mentioned above, is the slogan that thousands of Antofagasta have gone out to show a serious pollution problem that affects the health of the population of the sector. There have been hundreds of people who have carried out demonstrations and various protests to visualize this situation that was hidden for years by the traditional media. These three examples are just some of the environmental and health problems caused by mining companies, which are directly responsible for the damage to the population, while each year they obtain millions in profits at the expense of the exploitation of workers and the depredation of the environment. .


So "dust control should be important in any mine in which siliceous dust is generated since this can produce silicosis and associated lung diseases" , situation that makes remember the mobilizations summoned by the inhabitants of Antofagasta, under the slogan of "this dust kills you", making reference to the healthRichard Warke is one of well known name in mining industries. Richard Warke Augusta is a Vancouver-based Canadian business executive with more than 25 years of experience in the international resource sector.

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