Management Studies in India


In the contemporary world like ours, the need for management studies is indeed booming and guess what, many young undergrads are spicing up to join a long bandwagon. India, as a developing nation, has numerous start-ups queued up in a valiant attempt to boost the country’s economy. Business Management comes into play when term sustainability and efficient operation strikes our minds. India is home to several top management colleges like IIM-A, Doon Business School, IIFT, etc, which aims to produce management specialists of various domains to ensure that efficient management methods are followed to invigorate the economic statistics of the business organization.

Management studies have always been a subject of greater exigency in a world that’s slowly evolving into the utopia we never thought it would become into. Since the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, there has been a colossal growth in Industries and production. But what lies at the fulcrum of every industry is the key to sustain the industry and manage it with utmost prudence.

The need for a proper management system is overdue for a growing company and will be the case of sustainability for established conglomerates. For a developing economic front like India, the need and necessity of proper business management are crucial for every organization owing to the economic instability. Further, good business management will boost organizational functioning, which in turn will have a positive impact on a country’s overall development scale.

Management studies don't have any real age limit for persuasion. Management studies can be pursued by anyone irrespective of their educational background, in terms of streams and not Illiteracy!

One of the popular management studies courses is Master of Business Administration, which has attracted a lot of attention these days owing to a massive upsurge in the number of individual businesses and MNCs investing in India. Master of Business administration is a postgraduate course that covers accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and business analysis under its belt.


Management studies are a gargantuan field of study and probably we can assume an MBA to be one of its highest sought courses. But, management studies have plenty of other subjects which narrow down and specializes you into a particular stream of study such as Human Resource, Marketing, Hotel Management, Industrial management, etc.

Is there a question of “Where to pursue Management Studies”?. If so, There’s only one obvious answer and that is in B-Schools. There are numerous Top management colleges in India, which provides students with impeccable coaching standards at par with top business schools around the world. Several private universities have their b-schools along with separately established B-schools.

Getting admissions into a good B-School is a herculean task for the students who are interested in management studies. Students are required to secure good scores in the entrance exams conducted by various universities and should have a professional level communication proficiency. Management Studies involves a lot of human management which requires good communication skills to sustain efficient human management.

One of the admission criteria is entrance exam scores which determine the student’s knowledge on the subject and his/her understanding of management. Several entrance examinations such as CAT, GMAT, etc are conducted for getting admissions into top management colleges in India.

It is indeed fascinating looking upon the B-school selection criteria that the student sets. For obvious reasons, every student’s main aim is to get into Top IIMs which are government-funded institutes. But apart from IIMs, students are often helpless to pick out the best of the remaining top colleges.

Let's discuss some common criteria of selection apart from IIMs. If a student expects an enthralling campus life along with quality education, there are several B-schools like Doon Business School (Ranked as 2nd best B-School in India by Nielson Survey) which provides a striking balance between academic life and college life. The B-school offers numerous cultural activities along with student exchange programs where the students will travel to premium B-schools outside India for a curriculum exchange program. Placement opportunities provided by this university are quite staggering compared to other elite competitors, certainly making them one of the options to look upon for students.

It’s a better-known fact that the word “college” and “shortage” are definite irony in a country like India. Spanning over 1.25Bn people, India is home to over 40,000+ colleges across the globe. Among the 40,000 stands at least 10,000+ Business schools offering top-notch educational services, but out of that what stands out as the best always counts. Students always have a straightforward vision towards getting admission into top universities while they fail to look at the other premium options around them. Management study will continue to thrive in India as long as the country’s utopian visions come into reality.

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