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Managing the trades like an experienced trader

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Managing trades is one of the most effective ways to make a profit in the Forex market. You might be new to the trading profession but this doesn’t mean you will have to lose money in each trade. Many people have mastered the art of trading without blowing up the first trading account. Being a currency trader, you should rely on long term goals and trade the market with proper discipline. You might think becoming a disciplined trader in the Forex market is an easy task. But in reality, this is the most complex task in the trading profession. Majority of the retail traders are losing money since they don’t follow proper rules in trading. You need to have the skill to manage your trades at any market condition. In this article, we are going to discuss some amazing steps which will help you to manage your trade like a pro trader.

Keep thing simple

Never think you will win big trades by using the complicated trading system. To make a consistent profit in the Forex market, you must keep things simple. The novice traders often think the complicated trading system is the easiest way to secure the best trades. But if you use a complicated trading system, it will be really hard to make the right decision during high market volatility. Try to learn price action trading system since it will help you to find the quality trades. Instead of trading the market in the lower time frame, analyze the daily time frame data. Being a rookie trader, you also need to consider the risk-reward ratio in each trade. Never trade the market with a 1:1 risk-reward ratio since it will ruin your trading career. Focus on the daily time frame and try to find 1:3+ risk-reward ratio trade setups so that you can easily cover up the loss.

Stop having more than two running trades

The new traders always have multiple running trades in their trading platform. They never want to miss any trading opportunity. On the contrary, the pro trader finds it hard to find one good trade. You don’t need to overtrade the market to become successful at trading. Things might seem hard at the initial stage but if you understand the importance of quality trade execution, you will never risk a huge amount of money. Focus on one trade and it will make things easier.

Learn from your trading mistakes

You can’t afford to make the same mistake again and gain. Use the free demo trading account to fine-tune your trading strategy. Once you identify the mistakes in your trading strategy you can easily avoid the false trade setups and increase your win rate. Who doesn’t mean mistakes in trading? Even the professional traders at Rakuten make mistakes. After losing the trades they analyze the market data and try to find good trades based on proper logic. You might consider trading as the most complicated business in today’s world. Become a student of this market and you will never have trouble in managing the trades.

Use the trailing stop loss

You must trade the market with the high-end brokers like Rakuten or else it will be impossible to manage your running trade. By using the simple principle of trailing stop loss, you can easily maximize the profit factor and make a huge profit from this market. Trading is all about finding the quality trades and riding the market trend. The new traders often fail to book their profit and loss a decent amount of money from the profitable trades. To avoid such problems you can use the trailing stop loss features in each trade. Those who are new to this profession might have some difficulty in setting up the stops but there is nothing to worry. Try to use the minor support and resistance level, and you can easily find suitable spots to set your desired stops.

Be confident with your trading system

You must have faith in your trading strategy or else you are not going to make a decent profit from this market. The new traders become frustrated after losing a few trades and try to recover the loss with a high-risk trading strategy. Such an approach might recover some of the losing trades, eventually, they will lose money. No one can predict the price movement of a certain asset with 100% accuracy. You have to consider the probability factors in the trading profession. Based on your win rate, you need to create a perfect risk management policy. Those who have a high win rate can take a 2-3% risk in each trade. If you win rate low makes sure you never risk more than 1% of your account balance. Protect your trading capital since it is the most vital part of trade management.

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