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Manchester Removals Companies and 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Moving With The Help Of One

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Are you planning on moving to the majestic and grand city of Manchester? If so, you probably already know that whether you are moving house or offices, there are many things that can go horribly wrong. Fortunately, you can always hire a removals company to make the entire moving process smooth and easy! After all, they can handle almost every aspect of it, including:


  • Providing packing materials

  • Packing and unpacking your belongings

  • Transportation of items from the point of origin to the destination

  • Arranging of items at your new place

  • Removals storage / temporary storage


As much as it is a removal company’s job to make the moving process smooth and easy, there are still many things you can do to help make the whole process less stressful for everyone involved, including the removal company you’ve chosen to hire. To help you out with this, we’ve come up with a list of things you should not do when moving with the help of a Manchester removals company.

Things You Should Not Do When Moving With A Manchester Removals Company

Here are six things you should not do when you’ve hired a removals company in Manchester to help you out with your move:

Procrastinate On The Packing 

Packing is a stressful and challenging experience that could take days to finish. If you opt to pack your belongings yourself, be sure to allot more than enough time to complete this part of the process.  You wouldn’t want your professional Manchesters to show up on the day of the move with the packing still unfinished. Their time is just as valuable as yours, so if you are hiring a removals company to move your stuff, be sure to be ready before they arrive on moving day. 


If you are set on packing everything on your own and then suddenly find yourself behind on the packing a couple of days before the move, do not hesitate to call your removal company. Chances are, a professional packer can come in to help you finish the task ASAP. Alternatively, consider availing of full-packing services from your removal company instead. Aside from doing all of the dirty work for you, you will find that they will also find and provide you with the necessary packing materials you need. 

Making Big Decisions In The Last Minute

The services of a removals company do not start on the day of your move. That means ideally, by moving day, all the details should have long been ironed out and finalised. Here is a full moving timetable for your reference. After all, these details influence many things, including the size of the moving van and removals team for the job, your overall removals costs, and the time allotted for your move. 


Thus, anything from pushing your moving schedule back an hour to adding a couple of couches to the list of items to load in the van can result in major changes in the items mentioned above. 


While this wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t mind paying any additional costs, getting everything planned out will also mean more work for your movers. If you find yourself needing to make such a decision, remember to coordinate your removal company to make sure you are taking the best plan of action possible. 

Get In The Way While They Work

One thing you should remember when hiring a removal company is that professional movers appreciate it when you are within reach as they perform the job. However, even then, it would be crucial for you to avoid getting in the way while they work


Keep in mind that your movers are trained and experienced in the art of moving home. Hence, micromanaging and hovering over them while they do their jobs can easily do more harm than good. After all, doing this may lead to unnecessary tension between you and the removals team. 


Moreover, you will want to ensure that your kids or pets are not around while your movers haul heavy and bulky items around, as this may lead to damage to your items or worse physical injury.  So, instead of letting them roam free in the house on moving day, you may choose to either stay put in one room or have a friend or a relative watch them for the day. 

Sneak In Prohibited Items Into The Packed Boxes

There are some items that, for legal and safety reasons, cannot load into their truck. Sneaking them into boxes may seem like a good idea, but you should know that by doing this, you are possibly nullifying the moving company’s liability insurance on some if not all of your items. Doing this may also potentially risk the safety of your professional movers. So, consider disposing of those items or leaving them behind. 


Meanwhile, if you really need to take such items with you, pack them into your car and transport them yourself instead.


Here is a list of Items Removal Companies Won’t Move.

Expect Them To Handle The Transportation Of Your Valuables

There would nothing be more flattering to a professional mover than receiving so much trust from you. However, even then, they would much rather not be responsible for any valuable items you may have. Not only will this relieve them the burden of handling such valuable items, but it will also save them from any trouble they may encounter after possibly misplacing or damaging your valuable belongings.

Forget To Offer Snacks And Refreshments

The truth is, not being able to feed or offer them a drink is not as taboo as it seems. However, when you’ve got people working a hard physical job to make moving a much easier feat for you, the least you can do to show your appreciation is provide them with some food and refreshments when they need it. Have some biscuits or sandwiches ready along with some water, juice, tea, or coffee, depending on the weather! 

Now that you’ve read these tips, you should be ready to move to Manchester with the help of your chosen Manchester removals company! Meanwhile, if you are in need of some tips to speed up your moving process? Check these tips out!

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