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Manchester to Europe traveling tips-2021

How to make the train trip from Manchester to London, with tips on the best way, schedules, trains, and guarantee tickets at great prices. Traveling by train across Europe is advantageous for saving money, time, and worries about baggage and airport queues. You are in Manchester and want to take advantage of the location to visit other most visited cities in England, take the opportunity and take the train trip to London, the capital, where you can stay for several days and see every corner and tourist point the Queen's land.

Train from Manchester to London

The train journey from Manchester to London is one of the most sought-after trips tourists when they go to England. As they are two super famous and beautiful cities, returning to back without visiting them is unthinkable. So, take the train, a prevalent means of transport in the old continent, and take this trip from Manchester to London. To do this, you will depart Manchester Piccadilly station and arrive at London Euston station. The trip is direct and takes approximately 2 hours. The first train leaves Manchester at 8:15 am, and the last at 10:55 am. The ticket costs €45, in second class. Please take advantage of the 2-hour trip and read about our three-day tour in London if you are not comfortable on the train and get some more secure and flexible travel through Manchester airport taxi. Some reliable and fair charges than other cabs.

Where to buy train tickets in Europe

A tip for finding the best tickets and the lowest prices is to use this Europe Train Finder. It is the biggest train ticket website globally, and it searches for all the best train companies in England and Europe and finds the best options. We always make our reservations there as they always have the best prices; the search engine is excellent, super easy to book, and it is the most reliable website for train reservations. It's the best way to buy train tickets for your trip across Europe.

An excellent tip for finding the fastest and cheapest route


A tip for you to see all the transportation options from one city to another, and to be able to choose and cheaper, is to use this route searcher. It's a sensational site that shows all the transportation options between one city and another. It searches all your plane, train, and bus options, and you can buy the one that's best and cheapest for your trip. Prices are less than anywhere else, and the site is the leader in this service in Europe, showing only companies that are trusted and consolidated there.


Don't forget the mandatory travel insurance for Europe.

Now that you know everything about the train journey from Manchester to London, we reinforce a vital tip for anyone planning to go to any country in Europe to remember that International Travel Insurance. See our terms of Travel Insurance for Europe to everything you need to know about it, what are the best insurance and tips for making great insurance at an incredible price saving a lot.


train travel in London

Trains in London, England, and throughout Europe are divided into classes, as is the plane. The difference is that, in addition to being on land, you don't need to wait for your bag when you leave, nor do you need to arrive too early at the time of departure. The control is also similar to what did on the plane. The suitcase goes through a scanner, and inside the train, there is a specific place for luggage.


 using your cell phone at ease in Manchester and Europe


Using your cell phone in Manchester, England, Europe and anywhere else in the world is great as it turns out to be very useful. You can use the sights and cities apps, the discount coupon apps, if you are going to rent a car, you save about 100 euros by not needing to rent a GPS because you can use your cell phone, you can search the addresses and times of places, see the weather forecast to plan for the tours and it's logical to stay connected with everyone through apps and post your photos of your trip to England on social networks. If you like, check out our tips on how to use your cell phone at ease in Europe. It's super cheap, and you can use your cell phone all day and anywhere. The leading museums, parks, and sights of London and nearby cities have excellent apps for tourists. And using the Internet from your mobile phone, you can search for everything about the train journey from Manchester to London.

Your trip to England


Now that you've seen everything about the train journey from Manchester to London, an excellent tip makes the difference when traveling to Manchester is choosing your hotel's location and staying close to the tourist attractions. So located, you will enjoy much more and spend much less time and money commuting to places. If you want, check out our article on where to stay in Manchester, which has tips on the best regions to stay in and also how to get an excellent hotel for a great price. Manchester hotel reservations are well worth a try.

Another critical tip to save money and time is with the tours. The tip is to buy all the tickets in advance over the Internet, which in addition to being cheaper, you save a lot of time that you would lose in queues at the box office and already travel with tickets in hand and attractions guaranteed. If you want, see here in the London and Manchester ticket article all the tips, the best sellers and where to buy all the tickets at the best price.



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