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MangaFreak & MangaPlus: Best Free Manga Sites of 2020

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Ever since mangastream got closed, people are looking for best manga sites that they can use instead. Manga Readers are looking for manga sites that offer a great user experience and that have HD manga quality. It gets quite hard to find such free manga sites. 

But you’ve got nothing to worry about. We are going to share with you top-rated sites that are currently massively popular all around the globe.  

MangaFreak and MangaPlus are 2 of the most popular manga platforms out there. Let’s see what both these sites are all about, and the features that they have to offer.

MangaFreak Review

MangaFreak is a free online manga service that offers a wide range of manga series for you to choose from. You can visit this site to read your favourite manga. It is an impressive alternative for mangastream because it is easy to use. You won’t have any kind of problems reading manga here. It doesn’t even have that many ads. So, that is a plus point.   

User Interface is Basic but Easy to Navigate 

The user interface of this site is not particularly engaging. In fact, you might even find it to be a bit dull. But the UI is kept this way to make the site easier to use for everyone. This site is simple to use, and you can easily navigate around different pages of the site to look for your favourite manga.  

Manga is HD Quality

Although this site is free, the manga quality here is HD. So, if you have any reservations regarding the manga quality on mangafreak, stop worrying about it. Visit the site and see for yourself how amazing manga quality is here on MangaFreak.   

Powerful Search Features

We really like the advanced search features of mangafreak. It is as good as mangastream, maybe even better. With this site, you can add in the keyword of the manga that you want to read in the search bar, and it would show you the results in no time. 


MangaPlus Review 

MangaPlus is also an amazing manga reading site that you need to check out. This site features new as well as old manga series and the site is updated on a regular basis to keep you posted with the latest manga released. This site features HD quality for the manga and awesome user experience. 

Features Easy Navigation 

MangaPlus offers you an intuitive way of navigation across all sections of the site. With this site, you can scroll through categories or use the search features of the site to find the manga of your choice.     

Awesome Manga Quality  

Just like mangastream, the manga quality on this free manga site is impressive. You get to read HD quality scans on the manga with an extreme attention to details. You’d have an awesome manga reading experience here with the features that this site has to offer. 

Join M+ Discord to Interacted with Fellow Manga Readers  

MangaPlus also has a discord platform that you can join to interact and socialize with your fellow manga readers community. You can share your views about your favorite manga with people from all around the globe. This website takes the user engagement to a whole new level. There are not many free manga sites that offer this facility.     

No Ads on the Site 

The most amazing thing about this free manga site is, there are no ads here. As of now, the site is free from all kinds of ads and redirects. You will have an awesome manga reading experience here on MangaPlus. You can also add manga to your favorites list to get quick access to the manga of your choice.   

Wrapping Up


We have found manga freak and manga plus to be the best mangastream replacements out there. These sites feature a massive collection of manga from any genre that is available. We highly recommend both these sites for manga readers. There are many other platforms that you can learn about on Past News but as far as the user experience is concerned, mangafreak and mangastream are the best. Check out both these sites and let us know what you think about them in the comments section.     


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