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Manpreet Narula Flying high with his Instagram Page @Error69

Manpreet Narula

Manpreet Narula has now been synonymous with his web channel @Error69. Born and brought up in Delhi, he completed his graduation from Thapar University and got involved in creative work with the said channel which he created just for fun and for his hobby. During his teens, he has remained active on social media and has remained at the forefront sharing some cool content. Soon he came out with his instagram page called @error69, which was the platform to access funny content.

He started sharing some cool memes, viral videos and other funny stuff that started evolving his page making it popular on social media. He multiplied his fans and followers for his page and once he was sure to make a career out of his passion ,he launched his own venture called Error69 Media to make things big. He started getting good buzz from his content on the said channel that made him big on social media.

Thus he remains on top demand of the giant digital platforms like TikTok, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Helo App. They have now approached these digital platforms to help them get more audience for their various things coming live for the digital audience. They are smart enough to leverage his image multiplying their audience at par. Now, he is helping the big brands to multiply their audience. Well, with this @error69 is on the verge of becoming not just popular but also the best on digital platforms.

Error69 Media Connected with Plenty of Social Media Influencers has the reach of more 100 Million Users in total that’s the main reason why these big brands are fighting each other to connect with Error69 Media. Long story short we wish nothing but the best to Manpreet Narula and the Whole Error69 Media Team for their future.

 You can connect with them online Www.instagram.com/error69 Www.instagram.com/manp_sn Www.error69.in

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