Mario Kart Tour: How To Sign Up for the new Android Beta


Nintendo has been introducing a number of exclusive titles for gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices which includes an awesome title like Pokemon GO, Animal Crossing and Harry Potter Wizard Unite. But Nintendo is preparing another interesting title namely Mario Kart Tour beta for all the mobile gamers.

Mario Kart title has been around for quite some time and surely has gained a lot of traction amongst the racing games enthusiasts. Although the Mario Kart game has been around for quite some time, still it was limited to PC, Nintendo Switch or other gaming consoles and never actually came for Smartphones.

This time around Nintendo has offered a really impressive offer of accessing the exclusive Mario Kart Tour as a beta version for Android. Mobile gamers now have an awesome opening to experience the hype behind this Nintendo title as players will now be able to experience the Mario, Luigi and all of their friends in a mind-blowing kart racing scenario.

From May 222nd onwards mobile gamers will be able to get their hands on this exclusive title, but the game is subject to available until June 4th only. So interested mobile gamers can visit the official website of the Mario Kart Tour and download the title. Mobile players can even scan the OR code provided on the site and directly download the game without getting redirect with various links.

The new Mario Kart Tour beta version for Android smartphone is only available until May 7th for all the Japan and United States mobile gamers. So those players who really want to experience the thrill of thunders racing should download the Mario Kart Beta game files as soon as possible because after May 7th the Mario Kart Beta version files would be removed.


Currently, not much details are known regarding the content that the Mario Kart Tour beta version would feature, but players will surely be able to progress in-game with every win. The Mario Kart can soon be coming to Play Store for phone players to experience some exclusive new racing game, but until now it is not clarified by Nintendo regarding an app associated with the Mario Kart.

The new Mario Kart Tour beta is said to be free of cost similar to other Nintendo Switch titles like Pokemon GO and Animal Crossing. Nintendo is also planning to unveil its exclusive Harry Potter Wizard Unite title which would be somewhat similar to the present Pokemon GO title and use the same mobile AR mode to play.

Let’s see how Nintendo develops its new Mario Kart Tour for mobile gameplay as many are already speculating that the game would be an online title and allow players to play Mario Kart with multiple players at once.

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