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Mark Roemer Discusses Reasons Why We Don’t Need Social Media

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The purpose of social media is to help us connect with our friends and families. However, my friend Mark Roemer believes that social media is responsible for creating more distance between friends.

Teenagers, nowadays, spend most of their waking time in front of their mobile screen or a pc. They chat with their friends on social media platforms but meet with them in person less frequently. This is because the urge to meet with your friends can get reduced when you can be in contact with them all the time. However, spending time with your loved ones in person is way more meaningful than chatting with them over the internet.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why we don’t need social media.

1. We can still connect with our loved ones - The primary purpose of a social media platform is to help us be in contact with your loved ones. You may think that without social media, you won’t be able to connect with your friends or family members as frequently.

However, that is not necessarily true. You can always call them and meet with them in person. Even if you cannot contact them as frequently, you should really consider whether chatting with them every single day is necessary.

Also, wouldn’t you agree that when you meet your friends or family members after a long break, you become happier and more excited?

2. We can still entertain ourselves - Many people keep themselves entertained or busy by browsing their social media feed. If you are one of those people, you may think that without social media, you will become very bored. However, that is not the case. There are plenty of things that can grab your attention and keep you entertained.

You can watch movies on your television, play games on your pc, focus on a hobby, read amazing storybooks, listen to your favorite songs, play music, practice dancing, and much more. In fact, people enjoyed doing various things even before the invention of electricity and the internet. Compared to the people in the olden days, we have a lot of options to keep ourselves entertained.

3. We can still keep up with what is going on in the world - Nowadays, we become aware of the most trending news or viral videos by browsing social media websites like Facebook or YouTube. You may think that in order to keep up with the world, you must open your newsfeed daily. However, ask yourself this question - how much of what you see on your newsfeed is relevant to you? Chances are very less. Thus, social media is not necessary. It is just an option.

4. We can still do online marketing - If you are a marketer, you know the importance of social media marketing. Thus, you may think that social media websites are an important platform to market your brand or reach your target audience. You are correct. However, it is not the only option. Social media websites can help you to gather data and gain insight into your audience. However, people rarely buy products through social media.

Besides, there are better ways to sell your product, like building your own website or owning an offline store.


My friend, Mark Roemer, believes that even if you like using social media websites like Facebook or Instagram, you should give yourself a break sometime. Doing so will let you enjoy the finer things in life and make you notice just how much time you waste every day on the internet.

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