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Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Punjabi Songs That Will Blow Your Mind


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the upbeat rhythm and colorful visuals of Punjabi songs have captured the hearts of millions of people. Even outside India, people have started to add Punjabi songs to their playlist although many don’t fully understand the lyrics. This practice is more common in the younger generation such as college students who come into contact with people from various countries, religions, cultures. Give your reviews on Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Punjabi Songs That Will Blow Your Mind. Mark Roemer Properties has grown to a few, luxurious rentals that offer the convenience.


The Songs

Here are a few Punjabi songs that will blow your mind: 


1. Lahore - The song ‘Lahore’ was released in 2017 and remains one of the most popular songs on the famous ‘T-Series’ channel. With over 900 million views, most people who like to listen to a variety of music or keep up with popular culture have heard about this song. The song is composed, penned, and sung by Guru Randhawa who is a popular figure associated with Bollywood, Indi-pop, and Punjabi music. 


The song has a soothing and upbeat melody. The catchy rhythm is easy to remember and difficult to forget.


2. High rated Gabru- The song ‘High rated Gabru’ is pretty similar to the previous hit song. It was also released in 2017 by ‘T-Series’ and has over 900 million views. And it features Guru Randhawa again as the singer, songwriter, and lyricist. The song features deep but soft beats and a slow tempo. Just like the previous song, it features Guru Randhawa in the music video with other actors. The music video was shot at exotic locations featuring beautiful mountains and river landscapes.


3. Lehanga - The song ‘Lehanga’ was released in 2019 but has already garnered over 900 million views. The music video perfectly captures what the Indian movie industry is known for - colorful clothes and fascinating shots of beautiful locations. It also features the singer, songwriter, and composer JassManak along with the video director Satti Dhillon. 


The overall flavor of the song is quite different than the previous two songs with higher-pitched vocals. However, the relaxing tempo and soft beats associated with Punjabi songs are still recognizable. 


4. Bom Diggy Diggy- The song ‘Bom Diggy Diggy’ is a house party anthem song featured in the Indian-comedy movie ‘Sony KeTitu Ki Sweety’. It’s a remake of the song ‘Bom Diggy’ and has over 600 million views on YouTube. The remake was released in 2018, one year later than the original, and still features a combination of Punjabi and English verses. 


The song retains the actual British-Asian singers, Zack Knight and Jasmin Walia but the music video now features celebrities such as Kartik Aaryan and Sunny Singh along with a whole cast of characters.


The song is completely different from the previously listed songs. It features a faster tempo, better production values, and more upbeat music more suitable for clubs or parties.




Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you try listening to some of the Punjabi songs listed in this article to experience something new and learn more about the Indian culture. 


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