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Market Your Own Website with Instagram


Instagram is the largest social media platform with no crap and a lot to give to your business either you are selling products and services or want to get famous like Gigi Hadid. Well, Instagram has real people to follow even celebrities and big brands with registered accounts, and it is not easy to fake your presence on that platform like Facebook. Moreover, you get here real and potential traffic, and usually, there are no fake accounts on Instagram. Therefore, it is right now the most impacting tool of marketing. Here is a complete guide regarding ways of Market Your Website with Instagram:

Getting a Business Account from Instagram

Well, you need to market yourself either to sell product or services or to get fame hence instead of going with the personal account you need an Instagram business account. Personal accounts are private yet they never been shown in search engines and search bars mostly. However, with a business account, you are clearly explaining that you are a seller.

You also get many facilities to market yourself with the Instagram business account. You can even change your account into a business account as this will already have followers; change its user name and name. However, if you don’t have it you get one by simply signing up for Instagram, This is not a hard task, and you don’t even need to pay to Instagram to get a buyer account. Here is step by step way to get Instagram account through scratch.

Signing up on  Instagram

  1. Take your mobile, laptop or mac, whatever device you prefer to use for Instagram and download Instagram for iOS, Android, window, or other operating systems.
  2. After downloading, wait for installation, and once it is installed, it is time to launch the app.
  3. After launch, a window will appear for you type your user name and password or signup. If you already have an account, sign in otherwise click the signup option.
  4. Here, you will have to enter your email address, make sure to write a genuine and frequently used email. You can also sign up by using facebook id.
  5. Now, it is time to get a unique username. The user name is your unique identity for people to search and find you. However, it should be related to your business name. Sometimes the names we choose are already taken however you can change spellings or add digits into it to get it done.
  6. Now tap on done option.

Switching to Your Instagram Account

The work is not complete yet, you have just signed up for an Instagram account, but it is yet remaining to be confirmed as a business account. Hence, to change your account into a business account, follow the following steps:

  • ·Tap on three line icon on the profile that you see on the upper right corner of the screen,
  • ·A menu will appear with a lot of options choose setting option there
  • ·There you will find many options including a switch to business profile, select it.
  • ·You will have to add some more details here such as business name, email address, contact number and address of the location where you are situated.
  • ·After adding all of this information, save your settings by taping done.

Voila, you are now the owner of your business account on Instagram. This is not all; now it is time that you start making strategies on Instagram to market your brand.

Guide to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy for Instagram

There are many things involve in creating your winning strategies; the lines give ahead will give you enough time to create a winning strategy for Instagram.

Who Is Your Audience?

Well, your audience decides what you should post on the Instagram account because you are posting it for watchers and not for your self. Therefore, you will have to define the audience according to the nature of your products such as if you are approaching youngsters, marrieds, singles, what are their ages, and if you want to attempt gents, ladies, or both. These are all things that necessary to presume before posting a video. If you are not eligible to determine what type of audience is appropriate for your contents, you can define the audience by checking:

  • The average age, gender, and ethnicity of your already customers
  • You can also check inside the analytics of  website and Facebook with the same brand
  • Use search engine optimization strategy to find out more
  • You can also define what you think your brand is suitable in the sales appeal and posting it into your bio
  • You can even build a free website and market it on Instagram to attract customers.

Make Some Goals and Milestones

Yes, the second thing you will do is making some goals driven by milestones and a specifically determined period to get success. Make sure the goals you make are not hard to achieve neither difficult to understand for others. You are not running your business alone; there would be a team so all should be clear what they are and doing and for what they are doing. Also, make sure the goals you make are realistic and simple to achieve. Milestones are the subgoals that help you in achieving success.

Focus on Your Brand’s Performance

Well, determining the goals is not enough, and sometimes goals and strategies change on the way of your business according to the market situation. Hence, you have to achieve the goals and keep an eye on the facts that if this achievement is bringing you success or if you require changing and transforming them.

Well, along with following the above guide, you must not forget to follow a routine and pattern of posting regularly on your Instagram account. You have to keep your audience engaged with you by addressing them time to via replying to their comments and replying to queries in the inbox. In this way, you will see that you will not be able to market your brand but will also try to gain a chain of loyal customers.

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